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Should I create 2 different databases if they would keep 70% similar data?

I am writing a microservices based NodeJS-Cassandra application and I haVe few services they would need 70% similar data( like username, avatar, videos, etc.) and I am just wondering to know is it a ...
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2 answers

Complicated relationship Q

I'm trying to do a query to find products that aren't on the customer's authorized products list, and it's breaking my brain. Each customer has an authorized product group list, and within a product ...
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To inquire about the query complexity of the following query in SQL

I would like to inquire about the complexity of the following example query in SQL: SELECT id from DB where Country = "India" AND Size = "Large" That is, taking the AND of ...
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2 answers

Does the PostgreSQL array inTOAST storage have random access times?

This question is related to PostgreSQL TOAST storage and the GIS.SE question: Should TOAST compression be disabled for PostGIS? Basically, I was wondering if there is any guarantee of constant time ...