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Azure Pipeline Database Restore

I am looking to see if there would be a starting point in retrieveing backups from azure sql and restoring a specific database from a source server to a target server, but through a pipeline, as I'm ...
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Minimal Permissions to Create an Application Database and Database Owner

I wish to write (or borrow if you have one) a script template for creating an application database and associated logins. The script is to be run in CI pipelines and on developer desktops. Possibly ...
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How can I start Oracle as a lightweight process?

I have OracleDB running in a CI pipeline in a docker image. With each test it is started and then shutdown. It's purely there because Django tests expect a real database. However it takes a couple ...
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How to improve Oracle Standard Edition's performance for testing? [closed]

There's a great post on StackOverflow about improving Postgres performance for testing. However, ...
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Deploying Oracle ADW Changes from development environment to production

I'm currently running an Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse (Oracle's cloud-based database offering) on version 19c. I have a development database on the Always Free Tier and my production database is a ...
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Automated testing of SQL scripts

I'd like to run some simple tests on SQL scripts in CI to just ensure the scripts are valid SQL (PostgreSQL). While I could run Postgres in Docker or even use an in-memory DB such as Sqlite (it's ...
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Missing master.dacpac publishing dacpac Azure Devops

The problem I have been trying to get a build pipeline to work in Azure DevOps to demo how we could build and test our databases. I've come to the point where I want to publish my DACPAC but it ...
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Add SQL Server Level Login in master Database using Visual Studio 2019

I'm trying to add sever login in Azure SQL Server using Visual Studio 2019 SQL Project with SSDT and deploy it using Azure Devops by building CICD pipeline. The rest database object (e.g. tables, ...
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How can we manage cross-database dependencies across environments?

I've put off asking this question for some time since it's tricky to encapsulate our situation and challenges without a wall of text, but the situation is getting worse so I'll do my best. I'm looking ...
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