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Questions tagged [credentials]

Use for questions about how to implement or use SQL Server credential records. Credentials contain the authentication information required to connect to a resource outside SQL Server.

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2019 SSIS job step running as a proxy/credential getting "Login failed for user 'domain\user'."

I have a new 2019 SSIS instance with one agent job that runs a package that runs sprocs on another sql instance. The 2019 SSIS sql service and agent service are running under a gmsa. The target ...
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Compare a credential secret against a known value

Suppose I have a SQL Server Credential saved in the database with a specific secret. I want to only modify the credential if the secret saved in the database is different from the actual secret. ...
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Create a SQL Credential for a Managed Service Account

Is it possible to create a SQL Credential in SQL 2019 for a Managed Service Account? When I try, it asks for a password, which I don't know. I want to run a Powershell command from SQL Agent using ...
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Sql Server Agent Job - Unable to start execution of step 1 (reason: Error authenticating proxy "user", system error: The user's account has expired.)

My predecessor created several "Intergration Services Catalogs" dtsx packages which are scheduled / run via SQL Server Agent -> Jobs using an SSISFileProxy which is using ...
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How do SSIS connection strings send passwords?

I have a SQL server that pulls data from another SQL server via SSIS. We recently converted the server targeted by SSIS to VM. Since the VM conversion I have been getting "login failed for user '(...
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Is best practice to Web Application users credentials using same database users credentials [closed]

I have multiple Web applications using same database (MariaDB), so i want to using same user credentials as centralize, so: Is it best practice to using same database users credentials and when add ...
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How to create a new user in a remote offline database without elevating roles [closed]

An enterprise C++ system that needs to be "translated", uses ODBC for connecting to SQL Server Database. The system has one central main database, many distributed local databases, which are actually ...
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Login failed for User 18456 State 5. User id works on other machines

I have a really weird login issue I've been pursuing. I experience this only on my Macbook Pro (2018) and only when logging into this one specific SQL Server 2016 database directly through a database ...
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SQL Server Credential Password and Secret Difference?

What is the difference between SQL Server secret and password for credentials(both server and db scope)? For example while reading the BOL I can see specifying a secret. Is this just the same password?...
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Using sp_send_dbmail with SQL authentication to send attachments from UNC path

I'm trying to send emails with attachments using a SQL authentication account that I have granted credentials to. The login used in the stored Credentials is a domain account that has permissions ...
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