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Questions tagged [credentials]

Use for questions about how to implement or use SQL Server credential records. Credentials contain the authentication information required to connect to a resource outside SQL Server.

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5 votes
1 answer

Compare a credential secret against a known value

Suppose I have a SQL Server Credential saved in the database with a specific secret. I want to only modify the credential if the secret saved in the database is different from the actual secret. ...
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3 votes
1 answer

SQL Server Credential Password and Secret Difference?

What is the difference between SQL Server secret and password for credentials(both server and db scope)? For example while reading the BOL I can see specifying a secret. Is this just the same password?...
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2 votes
1 answer

How do SSIS connection strings send passwords?

I have a SQL server that pulls data from another SQL server via SSIS. We recently converted the server targeted by SSIS to VM. Since the VM conversion I have been getting "login failed for user '(...
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1 vote
0 answers

Sql Server Agent Job - Unable to start execution of step 1 (reason: Error authenticating proxy "user", system error: The user's account has expired.)

My predecessor created several "Intergration Services Catalogs" dtsx packages which are scheduled / run via SQL Server Agent -> Jobs using an SSISFileProxy which is using ...
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1 answer

Is best practice to Web Application users credentials using same database users credentials [closed]

I have multiple Web applications using same database (MariaDB), so i want to using same user credentials as centralize, so: Is it best practice to using same database users credentials and when add ...
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1 answer

How to create a new user in a remote offline database without elevating roles [closed]

An enterprise C++ system that needs to be "translated", uses ODBC for connecting to SQL Server Database. The system has one central main database, many distributed local databases, which are actually ...
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0 votes
1 answer

Login failed for User 18456 State 5. User id works on other machines

I have a really weird login issue I've been pursuing. I experience this only on my Macbook Pro (2018) and only when logging into this one specific SQL Server 2016 database directly through a database ...
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0 answers

Launch RDBMS Client GUIs from Delinea

I am using the delinea permission access management tool that I pointed to the application file of SSMS and it could launch my desired server instance with the secret server credentials configured on ...
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0 answers

How do RDS Proxy credentials work?

In AWS RDS, there exists an RDS Proxy managed service. The console requires supplying database credentials when setting up this proxy. Why is this? That is, why doesn't the proxy simply pass through ...
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1 answer

Create a SQL Credential for a Managed Service Account

Is it possible to create a SQL Credential in SQL 2019 for a Managed Service Account? When I try, it asks for a password, which I don't know. I want to run a Powershell command from SQL Agent using ...
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1 answer

Using sp_send_dbmail with SQL authentication to send attachments from UNC path

I'm trying to send emails with attachments using a SQL authentication account that I have granted credentials to. The login used in the stored Credentials is a domain account that has permissions ...
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