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SQL Server, CU's and Server Reboots

I'm relatively new to CU's and SQL server. We have a few SQL Servers with dev, qa and prod instances (SQL 2017) on them. This is probably not the best idea, but that's what we have right now. ...
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Servicing Update for SQL Server 2019 RTM GDR (KB4517790) - Install error - 0x80070643

SQL Server is still working smoothly but I noticed that I have an alert on the Windows Update that says: Servicing Update for SQL Server 2019 RTM GDR (KB4517790) Install error - 0x80070643 I tried ...
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Can you safely log ship between primary and secondary servers on different cumulative update versions?

Need to update primary from 2019-CU14 to 2019 CU15 and a few hours/days later update secondary to CU 15 once the primary is deemed stable. Can you safely log ship between primary and secondary ...
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Unable to Install SQL 2017 CU 28

I am in the process of upgrading our SQL 2017 servers to the current CU. I have ran across two systems that won't allow me to apply the update. In the SQL installer, I see below text when I click on ...
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Can I downgrade from SQL Server 2017 CU25 to CU20?

New instance of SQL Server 2017. I chose to install up to CU25 during the initial installation. Been using the database for a few months, but it seems to have a memory leak when using memory-optimized ...
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SQL cluster update - Failover to un-patched node

So when updating a two node cluster, our procedure is this: Backup all databases. Failover all SQL cluster roles to Node A. Install the patches on Node B (passive). Restart Node B. Failover all SQL ...
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DB_CHAINING lost on on planned Availability Group failover for SQL Server 2019 cumulative update

I'm looking for ideas on how to determine a plausible root cause for DB_CHAINNG problems encountered when we recently performed a planned AG failover. We're using SQL Server 2019 Standard Edition with ...
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CVE-2021-1636 security update for SQL Server

Microsoft just released this security update CVE-2021-1636 for a Security Vulnerability. Not much information is available at the moment. Any input on the following points will be highly appreciated ...
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cumulatively calculate the distance along a line

I am using Postgis to: calculate the cumulative distance in metres along the line store the cumulative distance in "m" I have a table with points on this line and each row holds lat and ...
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After a reboot and latest CU for sqlserver 2017 I get this annoying message

After a reboot and latest CU for sqlserver 2017 I get this annoying message (the xxxxx was a number) SSBDT: Dialog timer delete during registration (did: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:Initiator, ...
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Installing an older CU over a Security Patch?

According to this Microsoft link, SQL Server 12.0.6372.1 requires any system with at least SQL 2014 SP3, so my predecessor installed it over SP3. Now the version is "2014 (SP3-CU-GDR) (KB4535288)...
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Install old Cumulative Update SQL Server 2016 Standard

We were running on SQL Server 2016 Standard Edition 2016 SP2-CU4 on our ALWAYS-ON HA cluster. Due to some recent issues one of our nodes got corrupted and we had to replace it with a new node. Since ...
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Cumulative Update 3 & 4 Caused Synchronous Commit Failures in Availability Groups

So this week I was patching our SQL Servers that host our availability groups. Never had an issue with them in the past, fairly standard process. I have two servers (call them SQL1 and SQL2) in the ...
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After installing SQL Server 2019 CU2, SQL Server Agent stops working [duplicate]

After installing SQL Server 2019 CU2, SQL Server Agent starts consuming too much CPU resulting into skip job schedules. Although the agent service is running but it looks like hang and didn't process ...
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Should I install all cumulative updates/service packs when doing a clean install of SQL Server 2016? 2019?

Going to set up a new database instance from scratch. Debating between SQL Server 2016 and 2019. I've never installed a service pack or cumulative update on previous instances, mostly because ...
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Error installing SQL Server Database Engine Services Instance Features - The User Log directory in the registry is not valid

We have a SQL Server: Microsoft SQL Server 2017 (RTM-CU14-GDR) (KB4494352) - 14.0.3103.1 (X64) Mar 22 2019 22:33:11 Enterprise Edition (64-bit) on Windows Server 2016 Datacenter 10.0 (Build 14393:...
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