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Converting from latin1 to utf8mb4 of ENUM and SET with accented characters on mysql

I am trying to convert tables from latin1 to utf8mb4 on MySQL 5.7. Everything works fine except the tables with ENUM and SET which contains a value with an accented character. 2 types of errors are ...
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Incorrect datetime str_to_date INSERT SELECT

I have never run into such an issue before. Was given a bunch of data and told to compile it into some tables and develop some reports. The users who gathered the data used various different date ...
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Why this aggregate function cannot be converted with pg_upgrade from PostgreSQL 9.5 to PG 14.3?

I am trying to port old PostgreSQL v9.5 database (or family of databases) to PostgreSQL v14.3, with pg_upgrade utility. After many hassles with old v9.5 binaries, source files (had to be recompiled to ...
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How to convert correctly from datetime2 data-type to small date and to elliminate HH:mm:SS.000000 padding

I have created a table with a column with a date data type which correspond to a date data in yyy-MM-dd format. In the database it presents it as if the data type is datetime2(7). More generally all ...
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Datapump metadata-only import changes datalength when importing with conversion

Datapump metadata only import changes datalength when importing with conversion: (export done in WE8ISO8859P15 and import done in AL32UTF8 character set and AL16UTF16 NCHAR character set) Example ...
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How do I convert a TIMESTAMP to a BIGINT in Azure Synapse

What's the best way to convert a TIMESTAMP to a BIGINT In Azure Synapse. I tried this (which works) but seems clumsy. Is there a better, more concise and efficient way of doing the same thing? SELECT ...
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64 bit hexadecimal AS Date in SQL

I am loading a Qlikview CalData PGO XML file into a SQL table. Dates in this XML are stored as a 64 bit HEX string and I need to convert it to a date. How do I do that? Example 40e58f2c4153d0f9 should ...
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