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Sink for user activity data stream to build Online ML model

I am writing a consumer that consumes (user activity data, (activityid, userid, timestamp, cta, duration) from Google Pub/Sub and I want to create a sink for this such that I can train my ML model in ...
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How do you detect a change in grouping when using Partition By in SQL Server 2012+ and execute logic based upon the change in the same SQL statement?

If I have a SQL statement that contains something like, ROW_NUMBER() OVER(PARTITION BY school_area ORDER BY school_area) I get: 1 someschool1 schoolarea1 2 someschool2 schoolarea1 3 someschool3 ...
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Power BI refresh dataflow keep a snapshot of data

my requirement is to be able to save the past state of an entity at a certain point of time. Currently when the dataflow is refreshed, the past state is lost and only the current one is displayed. Is ...
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SSIS Merge Join: Delete does not work

I've set up a Data Flow Task to sync a flat file with its destination table using a Merge Join with a Left Outer Join as described here (and elsewhere). Merge Join: Inserting and Updating works fine,...
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SSIS - Disable Task Based on Variable Value

I have an SSIS package that runs a number of Data Flow Tasks all at the same time. Each Data Flow Task is placed inside a Sequence Container. Before the Data Flow Tasks are run, a Script Task is ...
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How is SSDT Data Flow batching handled?

How does SSDT handle batching of Data Flow tasks? I am parsing a CSV that is about 1GB into SQL Server using SSDT. In the Data Flow there is a Flat File source, that goes to an OLE DB destination (a ...
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