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A specific data warehousing approach; not to be confused with data security in general.

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Is there a recommended order to create a DV model and star schema?

I want to create and implement a Data Vault Model. In the presentation layer, I want to create a View based on a star schema. Now I would like to know if there is a certain order in creating the ...
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Is the source system typically one of the fields used to uniquely identify business key?

One of the key components of designing a data vault is identifying enterprise-wide unique business keys ("business key" AKA "natural key"). It's not enough to use OrderID to identify records in an ...
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If a relationship is (logically) deleted, is this marked in the link table or just the satellite table(s)?

I'm learning about the Data Vault data warehousing approach, and so far the examples I've seen have a DateLoaded or similar field in all tables (hub, link, and satellite), but a DateExpired or EndDate ...
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