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How to create "On this day in history" query

I'm using Databricks and I have a table with a list of event from various years. I want to return the event most recent to today's date from each year. For example, Today's date is 6th May and my ...
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DESCRIBE TABLE in databricks piped into dataframe

Does anyone know of a method to pipe the "DESCRIBE TABLE" output in databricks into dataframe? (or other usable format which could be used for further analysis/computation)?
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How to call python file in repo in databricks from data factory outside DBFS?

In Azure Databricks I have I have a repo cloned which contains python files, not notebooks. In Azure Data Factory I want to configure a step to run a Databricks Python file. However when I enter the /...
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Troubleshoting slow running queries/jobs in Azure Databricks

I have Azure Databricks workspace with cluster configured to run Standard 6.4 runtime (Apache Spark 2.4.5, Scala 2.11). Cluster uses shared metastore (Azure MySQL). I'm trying to figure out possible ...
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