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Questions tagged [db2-9.5]

DB2 is a database management system from IBM. This tag should be used for questions about the 9.5 version of DB2. Please additionally tag your question with the generic "db2" tag. This version is currently deprecated from IBM support.

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1 answer

Error in loading data using DB2 load command in DB2 10.5 [closed]

I have a IBM DB2 database in our application. We have a monthly Java batch process which loads data in the tables using "load Replace" sql command. Around millions of record will be updated every ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Need to read the DB2 DAS parameters

I need to read the DB2 DAS Parameters via any method other than DB2 Command "get admin configuration". I need to read the parameters like EXEC_EXP_TASK or SCHED_ENABLE from file or database. I ...
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1 vote
2 answers

DB2 9.5 - Shrink Tablespace

I'm trying to run the following: db2 alter tablespace TABLESPACE1 reduce I keep getting errors. As you can see, I have around 50% free pages. I'd like to shrink it in order to reclaim OS disk space. ...
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2 answers

create a stored procedure if it doesnt exist using a ddl in db2

My requirements are, I want to create a ddl script which will check if a stored procedure exists on DB, if yes then drop it and recreate it. What I tried is, IF EXISTS (select procname into ...
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1 answer

Apply DB2 logs from production to DR

Is it possible to Apply DB2 9.5 logs files from Production site to DR site? Or do I have to do Backup/Restore and rollforward ...? I copied log files from production site to DR and issued the ...
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1 vote
2 answers

INSERT INTO with SELECT subquery db2 9.5

I have the following query that takes 4 seconds to execute: SELECT TX.* FROM TABLE_X TX INNER JOIN TABLE_Y TY ON TY.VALUE_ID = VALUE_ID_IN AND TY.PROD_ID = TX.PROD_ID WHERE (TX.PLACE_ID1 =...
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