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Use the dbcc-checktable tag for questions about how to implement, understand, and diagnose issues with the SQL Server DBCC CHECKTABLE command

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DBCC consistency error in SQL Server

I ran DBCC CheckDB in our Production SQL Server 2014. It reported back with one consistency error: Failed:(-1073548784) Executing the query "DBCC CHECKDB(N'MYDB') WITH NO_INF..." failed ...
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DBCC TABLE CHECK command won't stop

We have a SQL Server 2014 with 140 user databases, each of which have approx. 180 tables. A maintenance plan was scheduled for once a week but it was discovered that the Check Database Integrity (DBCC ...
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DBCC error with sys.syscolpars DB upgrade failing

Consistency error in DB. 1 page from sys.syscolpars table is missing. There is no any impact but the thing is can't able to upgrade the DB from 2008 to higher version. Backup restore fails. Old good ...
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