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DBeaver is free universal database tool for developers and database administrators.

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How to configure DBeaver to save files without a BOM for UTF files?

I am looking for the equivalent setting as the PGADMIN setting Write BOM for UTF files which will cause saved files to be saved with/without the BOM. I've found settings in DBeaver when exporting ...
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How to close all query windows in DBeaver?

DBeaver retains all results & sql editor windows when the program is closed. The indicator showing tab overflow is easy to overlook (see pic). A user can accumulate an absurd number of tabs if ...
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How to solve repetitive ORA-2391 error in DBeaver

I can't seem to find the way to avoid ORA-2391 "exceeded simultaneous SESSIONS_PER_USER limit" when working with DBeaver Everytime my session goes idle and I need to recconect I'm getting ...
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Issue connecting to remote SQL Server database through VPN

I need to connect to a remote SQL Server database of a client to do some syncing and other stuff. They use a VPN connection and have provided me the VPN address, RDP to SQL Server, username and ...
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Connection reset to SQL Server when using SSH Tunnel

I am trying to connect to an MS SQL Server database through DBeaver via an SSH tunnel but am getting the following error message when I "Test Connection...": I/O Error: Connection reset ...
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DBeaver not showing any Comments/Remarks in MSSQL

Recently, I am immigrating some data from Postgresql to a MSSQL2012 server. In SQLWorkbench, I can see comments on tables and columns in SQLServer. But in DBeaver, I can't see any comment or remarks ...
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Is it possible to run MongoDB javascript scripts in DBeaver

DBeaver's wiki shows a simple query against a Mongo database but what about admin scripts? It would be great to develop these in DBeaver but I've tried a few permutations to no avail. Here's an ...
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DB2: Column-Aliases with Line-Breaks

Using DB2 9.7, is it possible to produce a result set where the column-headers contain line-breaks? Something like: select field_name as "Line1<br>Line2" from table_name I want the column-...
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DBeaver: connecting to a PostgreSQL database server through SSH: can't initialize tunnel, auth fail

I am trying to use DBeaver to connect to a PostgreSQL database server through SSH: can't initialize tunnel cannot establish tunnel com.jcraft.jsch.JSchException: auth fail I am sure the SSH server ...
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DBIO Error: Utility 'mysqldump.exe' not found in MySQL home 'MySQL Connector/Net'

I am using dbeaver 3.6.10 and I would like to export my database (MySQL). I select the database > right mouse click on it > tools > export database > next > start I get the following error: IO ...
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DBeaver launch script from file

I'm trying to find a good alternative to SQL Developer for performing queries and scripts on Oracle instances. I find DBeaver to be an interesting tool, it has a lot of great features, BUT it seems ...
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Install DBeaver SQLite driver offline?

I'd like to use DBeaver with SQLite, but the network firewall disallows external connections. So DBeaver cannot download the driver automatically. Where can I download the SQLite driver for it and ...
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Umlauts in DBeaver

I have a Postgres Database set to UTF-8. I am working with DBeaver 3.1.4, and it seems to use a different encoding than UTF-8 (I suppose Latin-1 or something), which leads to 1) wrong display in the ...
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