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Database denormalization is the action of adding redundant data to database for performance optimization. This is the opposite to normalization where data is split into separate tables.

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Integrity constraints in a relational database - should we overlook them?

I’m in a permanent discussion with the developers of the company where I work because they say it is better to get rid of relationship enforcement (via FOREIGN KEY constraint definitions) in a ...
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Is splitting a CSV column into a separate table (enforcing 1NF) unnecessary complication?

I had very carefully asked the table designer why he had chosen to create CSV columns in multiple tables. The designer's answer was that splitting CSV columns into separate tables was "...
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Designing a database for a video game business domain with multiple many-to-many relationships

I am relatively new to database design, and I decided to make my own hypothetical database for practice. However, I am having trouble modeling and normalizing it, as I esteem that there are numerous ...
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How can I prove / disprove If A ↠ BC and A → B then A → C

/ From GATE 2007 IT: Consider the following implications relating to functional and multi valued dependencies given below, which may or may not be correct. A) If A ↠ B and A ↠ C then A → BC B) ...
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Possible benefits of storing multiple values in one field of one row instead of as separate rows

During our last weekly meeting, a person that has no background experience in Database Administration brought up this question: "Would there be a scenario that justifies storing data in-line (...
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Is combining independent tables called normalisation?

So, at workplace, we currently store our audit logs in different tables, depending on what it is e.g. login/access info, configuration changes, etc. These are all independent data with no foreign ...
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Database denormalization: multiple rows into single column. How bad is it? [duplicate]

We have few join-heavy queries to our SQL Server 2008 database and in an attempt to optimize them I thought of having a view that would produce this OrderID Number Traveller 1 102 ...
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