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Database denormalization is the action of adding redundant data to database for performance optimization. This is the opposite to normalization where data is split into separate tables.

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Schema For "Other - Add Comment"

Many user forms contain an option for "Other - Add Comment" where the user can provide an item not found in the given list. In other words, the developer sets the list of items. The user must either ...
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Normalization vs denormalization for these kind of data?

I'm using Firebase realtime database (NoSQL), And trying to figure out the best database design for my data. My data is primarily about discounts, each affiliator introduces a number of discount ...
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Is there any literature on "re-normalisation" of denormalised data?

I'm involved in a project, the core of which might be generously described as "re-normalisation" of denormalised data. (To be fair, the initial implementation took only the first 90% of the time ...
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Database sharding, denormalization and synchronization

In sharding, it is advisable to follow a share nothing, shard everything approach. Essentially, this translates to: data that are to be used together are to be stored together (i.e. in a single shard)....
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How To Manage Random Data Without Repitition?

We have a database design problem of a Learning System. Please can somebody help us ? These are the requirements : A person can register for a module which has "n" number of questions. The person ...
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Is the table in 3NF?

I am creating a relational database - a library management system. I want to show an example where I normalize the data from 2NF to 3NF. My example of 2NF looks like The definition of third normal ...
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Denormalizing to speed up inserts

I have a MySQL InnoDb table with approximately 40 million rows and the following columns: param1 (int), param2 (int), param3 (int), geo (char2), value1 (bigint), value2 (bigint) I have an ...
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Should I denormalize lat & lon on area searches?

I run a hobby web site for tabletop gamers. They can search based on postal code in a radius round their location. As I consider adding new countries, my best option seem to be silo'ing the geo ...
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Decomposing table into BCNF that preserves dependencies

I have a relation like R(A,B,C) and dependencies like A->B , B->C , A->C I think the relation is in 2NF as candidate key is A. AFAIK when there is only one candidate key then the relation ...
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How to Preserve Past Order Details Amidst Customer Information Changes?

I'm facing a scenario in my e-commerce setup where after an order is marked as Done, any subsequent changes made by the customer to their information (like shipping address) are reflected incorrectly ...
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Database design for ID (RFID) card access

One of the system design interview questions I got many years ago was to design an ID (RFID) card access system. I don't remember how I answered the question back then but I attempted a solution ...
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Does combining multiple tables into one table with more than 100 columns improve performance and overall design?

I have 10 tables without any type of foreign key relations between them. All the tables have the same primary key. In this case, "stock_id" is the primary key. All table columns describe a ...
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Table with only one column because of many-to-many relationship?

Right now I have three tables: person, alias, and person_alias. As suggested by the names of tables, one person can have multiple aliases and one alias can be used by many people, and hence I add a ...
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Normalization of database according to the given data

I'm creating new database based on existing database, performing some normalization. Here is the table containing multiple information, it's basically for booking trips etc I've divided all the info ...
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