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Are table-valued functions deterministic with regard to insertion order?

Is insertion order deterministic in a TABLE-valued function which instantiates the table and populates it with successive inserts, assuming no ORDER BY clause is used? I needed to take a look at the ...
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Are the results of the STRING_SPLIT() function returned in a deterministic order?

I need to split a comma delimited string, manipulate it, and then concatenate it back into a single string retaining the original order of the data (if possible). For example, take a column definition ...
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Why am I getting nondeterministic results with the deterministic function STDEV()?

This is type of query I'm trying to run: WITH CTE_Ordered AS ( SELECT *, ROW_NUMBER() OVER (PARTITION BY PartitionField ORDER BY DateField) AS PartitionRowId FROM SourceTable ), ...
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Does the SQL Server generate the contents for a derived table contents for every matching record in a join

I am on SQL Server 2008 R2. I am executing the following SQL a use tempdb go create table t1 ( c1 int, c2 int, c3 uniqueidentifier null) go insert t1(c1,c2) values (1,2),(1,3) go update t1 set c2 = ...
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Mysql deterministic function, scope?

The documentation for MySQL isn't explicit on this point, but I'm wondering whether the scope for a function with respect to DETERMINISTIC is database global, or by some other scope? Consider this ...
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log_bin_trust_function_creators deterministic always throws an error on server restart [duplicate]

Everytime my rackspace server restarts because of some maintenance or an outage, all of my mysql functions stop working due to this deterministic error. To fix this, I have to manually pull up the ...
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Computed column 'IsWeekend' in table <table_name> cannot be persisted because the column is non-deterministic

I'm in the process of tuning a query in SQL Server 2012 that is spilling to tempdb due to an incorrect cardinality estimation when using the DATENAME() function on a column to check if the data is ...
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How deterministic is execution plan creation in SQL Server?

Given the following constants: The same database with the same structure (tables, indexes, etc) The same data The same SQL Server and hardware configuration The same statistics The same SET options ...
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MySQL Deterministic Procedures

As a general rule, should I be declaring all my stored procedures with the DETERMINISTIC keyword if they are indeed deterministic? It seems to me that the majority of stored procedures will be ...
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Is my function nondeterministic one

I have two functions: fn_Without_Param and fn_With_Param CREATE FUNCTION [dbo].[fn_Without_Param] ( ) ... INNER JOIN .. ON .. AND SubmitDate = CONVERT( varchar(10), GETUTCDATE(), 101 ) and /* ...
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