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Questions tagged [disaster-recovery]

A set of policies and/or procedures that enable the recovery or continuation of vital infrastructure and systems. Please be sure to include what DBMS you are using.

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Disaster Recovery Options for Sql Server

I wanted to see what suggestions you might have for Disaster Recovery Options based on the following criteria. Currently running SQL 2012 standard edition We have 18000 databases (same schema across ...
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Can you restore log file backups to a mirror database after failure?

Purely a theoretical question as I've been considering possible DR scenarios... In this scenario: The link between a principle and a mirror server becomes unavailable for a period of time (e.g. ...
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SQL Server Log Shipping: File copy options?

I usually use redgate sql backup which has a transaction log copy mechanism built in. If I roll my own log shipping, what are established ways to move the log file? I want to emphasize: The way log ...
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What is the general recommendation for sql server crash recovery from mdf/ldf vs backups for least data loss? [closed]

I'm learning steps to recover from sql server OS or OS disk crash. Assuming the OS or OS disk is corrupted and unrecoverable. I know that a HA solution like fci or ag is better suited to prevent such ...
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Is there a way to back up agent jobs?

I can't find documentation about whether agent jobs in SQL Server can be backed up. If not, how can I back them up in order to restore during the future recovery in case of an instance failure?
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SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition Disaster Recovery Options?

Suggest me the best method for My DR plan. Currently we have set of databases (6) used for our application and we in the process of building DR and HA plan. As we are into small business we are using ...
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SQL Server Always On Node and File Share Majority

I am looking for some guidance on architecting our SQL Server 2016 SP1 Always On Availability Groups HADR solution on Windows Server 2012 R2. We have a primary site A with a primary replica and a ...
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Get missed transactions from slave

I'm trying to write a disaster recovery plan, I have one way replication with 1 master(A) and 3 slaves(B,C,D) A /|\ / | \ B C D Let's say my master crash, and I loose all data on ...
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Problem to access the SQL Server

I have SQL Server 2005 which is installed on server machine. I was working fine on SQL server before I change the server machine IP. I changed server machine IP to host the Web Service on it. But ...
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MySQL: Recover Master from Slave after failover

I have replication running between two MySQL instances on two separate servers. Let's say M is the master and S is the slave. It's setup as one way replication M->S. I currently have S as read only ...
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Recover deleted table from the database

Currently I deleted one table from the database. But now I want some of the information from that table. Please suggest how to restore or get back the table. I am using SQL Server 2008 R2.
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Service Broker - DR

Our developers are currently working on Service Broker and will be implementing in production soon. What do I need to worry about with Log Shipping in regards to DR? The environment they are ...
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How to recover Postgresq data from $PGDATA/base files after system crash

I was working on my Ubuntu machine and left it on to grab food. Upon returning, I found it had shut itself down. It was not power failture because I have a home backup system and lights never go off ...
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Resume Logshipping after Primary database restored

We have Database (D1) as a primary database and Log shipping setup to the secondary database called (LS_D1). Now what we are doing is taking backup of D1 database and restore it on D2 database. We do ...
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Recover a mongo database deleted by rm

My developer accidentally lost our database by a bash script, which turned out to run rm -rf /* (see this thread). Thanks to extundelete, he just recovered the /data/db/ folder: However, he could not ...
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