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NoSQL DB candidate for the project (looking for experienced advice)

Intro I am stuck with the limitations of the DBs I've tested* and need someone experienced to give me some advice. Project details Data sets The project has 2 sets of data, the sets of items and their ...
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Many-to-many database [closed]

I am thinking about making a music database. Something where you can search by artist, album or song. This seems to be a Many-to-many model, as an album can have multiple songs, and the same song can ...
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Local Cosmos DB service unavailable

I've installed the azure cosmos db in my local machine but is not loading the explorer pages as shown below: Explicit error: Failed to get authorization headers for offers: {"readyState":4,"...
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Is storing redundant data part of the (CouchDB) self-contained data concept?

The CouchDB concept speaks about self-contained documents. In other words: ALL related data is stored in a single concept, instead of splitting them in multiple tables and reference each other using ...
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How do read queries against Postgres's JSONB type compare to Couchbase?

I'm working on a small project which would involve running queries against deeply-nested (up to 5 layers) keys in dictionaries. This would be specifically a read-heavy environment, with only one large ...
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What data store should I use for storing and querying a billion small (~2kb) JSON documents?

I'm trying to figure out which database to use for storing and querying on ~1 billion JSON documents about the size of 2KB each. About 2 TB of data. Nature of JSON documents: 3 types of documents (...
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Do any document databases (noSQL) allow you to do cross database joins? [closed]

I am currently looking at MongoDB and ArangoDB as the database for our web application, but neither appear to support cross-database joins, does anyone know if there is such a document database that ...
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The Logical Type of The Document in CouchBase

How should the logical type of a document get specified in CouchBase? Using a field for the type? Or employing separators in keys like product::app::123id? Currently I'm putting a document type, ...
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Numerical data with lots of NULLs: 6NF or document database?

I have a source of numerical data mostly comprised of sensor readings, physical quantities and flags. Each associated with a datetime. | id | timetag | sensor1 | sensor2 ...
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Are most of the NoSQL databases key/value stores technically? [closed]

This video distinguishes between three (main) types of NoSQL databases: Key/Value store Tabular Document oriented Do these types differ in how they technically store their data or can they be ...
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Which Azure Storage / Database Technology to make use of for large scale logging

I am looking into making use of Azure hosting services in order to develop a logging service for our company. Azure has a number of storage options available (I have listed links below). However I am ...
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OrientDB distributed architecture

Technically this question could relate to any database that performs in a similar distribute manner but given that I am specifically working with OrientDB I thought the question should be target as ...
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No suitable driver found Orientdb jdbc driver

I have some problems with Orientdb driver for jdbc. i´m using Netbeans, i have include the library JDBC+OrientDB libraries (orientdb-jdbc-2.0.8-all.jar) in the directory and in netbeans, i have also ...
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SQL Server vs SOLR (Or any document db)

I have my "customer" data in a normalized sql server database. Getting out the customer data in my app is taking too long. This is because I have to go to 10+ tables to get all the data I need. My ...
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document and edges in orientdb

I was playing around with OrientDB lately and was create some classes and edges. I was able to create edges between documents, is this something that is expected from OrientDB when edges are ...
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Replace relational database with "poor" design in software product with non-relational DB? [closed]

Edit: This question is about how to deal with many issues that arose from a overall system design, which made parts of the system deviate from common standards. For example, managing everything in the ...
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Can XML columns in Oracle/MS SQL Server replace document oriented databases to some extent?

Just a strategic question: I am currently working with frequently changing data schemas and it takes a lot to keep track of versions and specific content. I do, however, have a classic OLTP ...
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How to handle "or" possibilities in MongoDB

I'm new to MongoDB and by no means an expert in DB design in general. This feels like a really basic question that's probably been answered a million times, but I'm having a surprisingly hard time ...
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RavenDB - Disaster Recovery on a Replicated Instance

EDIT: I'm encountering precisely the same issue. Assume that I have two RavenDB instances. Instance 1 contains one document: users/1. Instance 2 contains three documents: users/2, users/3, and users/...
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Switching to NoSQL for native JSON use?

I am rather comfortable writing concrete schemas with explicit primary keys, foreign keys, indexes, views and stored procedures. For queuing I use a NoSQL solution called: Redis. Recently I heard a ...
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Using MongoDB and PostgreSQL together

My current project is essentially a run of the mill document management system. That said, there are some wrinkles (surprise, surprise). While some of the wrinkles are fairly specific to the project,...
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Document Design and Document IDs

I was wondering about specifying id's in CouchDB. For example: House - Rooms -- Kitchen -- Living room -- ... - Windows - Doors There are some documents, like "House", where there is and will only ...
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What are some good resources for learning about document oriented databases? [closed]

I'm interested in learning about NoSQL databases and I decided to start with document oriented databases. What are some good resources to learn the concepts and good design of this type of database?
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CouchDB vs MongoDB [closed]

Evaluating document-oriented storage, what are the pros and cons of CouchDB vs MongoDB?
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