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In computing, downgrading refers to reverting software (or hardware) back to an older version; downgrade is the opposite of upgrade. Often, complex programs may need to be downgraded to remove unused or bugged features, and to increase speed and/or ease of use. The same can occur with machinery.

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How to move a database from SQL Server 2012 to SQL Server 2005

What are my options if I need to move a database from SQL Server 2012(32bit) to SQL Server 2005(64bit)? I know I cannot: restore a backup of the database on SQL Server 2005 detach & attach I ...
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Downgrade SQL Server Enterprise Edition to SQL Server Standard Edition

There is a requirement in our project where they want to evaluate if it is possible to downgrade SQL Server from Enterprise to Standard edition and if a server can be decommissioned. How can I ...
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Downgrade SQL Server from Enterprise to Developer edition in an Availability Group

I will be transitioning some non-production SQL environments from Enterprise to Developer edition over the next few months. I'm pretty settled on the procedure I will be using, which is laid out in ...
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