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Is it still best practice to avoid using the default ports for SQL Server?

Historically, it has been recommended not to use the default ports for connections to SQL Server, as part of security best practice. On a server with a single, default instance, the following ports ...
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SQL connections to java applications

I have an MSSQLServer2000 database that seems to have been working just fine until today. The DB connects to a java application on a remote server that passes the database data (login credentials, ...
1 vote
2 answers

When to use a TCP dynamic port and when TCP Port?

I have a new server that is configured using a dynamic port as you can see below: The application that connects to this server uses the following connection string, but I am getting the following ...
7 votes
3 answers

Does UDP Port 1434 need to be open for named instances with static TCP?

I have built a named instance which is running on a static port, 50101. The network guys have opened the port on the firewall to allow incoming connections. I have asked them open UDP port 1434 too, ...
4 votes
3 answers

TSQL to find if server is listening on dynamic or static port

Using TSQL, how can I find if the MS SQL server (any version) is configured to use static port or is it using dynamic port? Script i am trying to use: DECLARE @TcpPort VARCHAR(5) ,@RegKey ...
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1 answer

in what situations the dynamic port number in sql server is used?

I have the following script to find out what is the Static and dynamic port numbers: --=============================== -- sys.dm_exec_connections --=============================== SELECT [user]=...
4 votes
3 answers

Restrict range of dynamic ports available to SQL Server

Is there a way to limit the range of dynamic ports available to SQL Server from the database side, or database server side? Our SOP is to use static ports across the network firewall and a vendor is ...
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1 answer

How Should TCP/IP be configured to allow an external application access to SQL via the same port #?

My SQL Server instance is hosted on an internal network server (10.x.x.x address). It's a named instance currently using dynamic ports. An external application at a third-party hosting location ...
4 votes
3 answers

What ports does SQL Server need to communicate with a web server?

If I have a web server trying to communicate to a SQL Server through a firewall, and the firewall is completely closed both ways (inbound AND outbound), I know I have to open port 1433 from the web ...
24 votes
1 answer

When is a Dynamic Port "dynamic"?

I was having a discussion today about Dynamic Ports with one of my co-workers and could use some help clarifying how they work. First question: If the IPALL TCP Dynmaic Ports setting is a specific ...