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Questions tagged [enterprise-manager]

Oracle Enterprise Manager is a web-based interface for controlling an Oracle database.

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Oracle 12c Enterprise Manager Database Express Subsequent Installation on Windows Server 2012

I have an Oracle 12c database instance which was installed without the option for configuring the "Enterprise Manager (EM) Database Express" How can i install it subsequent for a running instance? ...
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What are the host credentials for Enterprise Manager 11g?

I am trying to use Database Replay in 11g Release 1 using Enterprise Manager. In the last step it asks for 'Host Credentials' to start the capture. But when I give the username and password for the ...
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Oracle Database Tablespace space sizes and percent used in OEM questions.?

I am new to Oracle, and I am not quite understanding the size calculations shown in OEM under tablespaces. I know it should be simple and my well be. I need to monitor the table space but not sure ...
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EMStagePatches_$ORACLE_SID is using up space

We have this directory: $ORACLE_HOME/EMStagePatches_$ORACLE_SID We are running out of space and this directory is using up a lot of space. Is it safe to delete it? I think it is something to do with ...
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ClassNotFoundException when trying to deconfig Oracle Enterprise Manager

The Enterprise Manager for my Oracle 11.2 installation doesn't work anymore as described in How can I change the connection descriptor used by Oracle Enterprise Manager? and I tried to re-configure it ...
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