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How can I create a bool column for a view based on the result of a statement?

I'm using PostgreSQL as my database. CREATE TABLE groups ( id SERIAL NOT NULL, name TEXT NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (id), UNIQUE (name) ); CREATE TABLE users ( id ...
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IF EXISTS doesn't stop errors on RDS Postgres 11.19 instance

Recently one of our RDS Postgres databases was upgraded to version 11.19. Since then, we're receiving errors when running a database migration. I can't replicate this issue locally, it appears to be ...
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I have a database with a player, tournament, and registration table. I need to query all players that played in 2 types (attributes) of tournaments

I currently have two tournaments that have matches. Wimbledon and Atlanta open which I have one as a grand slam and the other as a masters 1000, and I want to get the players who played in both This ...
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Select only those records that have same multiple values for a particular column if it's existing?

Below is an example of my pricing_supports table have more than 3 milions rows. There some rows having same values in the first_origin_id, delivery_id fields. If there're records with same ...
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Executing IF Exists condition

I have a sproc that scripts out permissions and in the process, I add a check to see if the object exists before dumping the results into a table. Then, I have another re-assign permissions sproc that ...
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Select Data from two tables ONLY IF ID on both tables are SAME

I need to select returns result SELECT FROM wishlist AS wl LEFT JOIN wishlist_products AS wp ON = wp.wishlist_id Only IF ALL of wp.product_id EXISTS in wishlist_products_bought....
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How to check if a record is linked with two or more values in a left join

In MySQL, I have a table of products connected with a different table with categories. I often show the list by making a LEFT JOIN and GROUPING the results: e.g. LEFT JOIN gives me: Name | Category ...
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How to visualize joins between inner queries to their respective outer queries?

I seem to always have trouble visualizing what the meaning is when an inner query is joined to it's outer query. Here's an example: SELECT NM.MovieId, NM.MovieTitle FROM NinjaMovies AS NM WHERE ...
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How to check existence of a value in between two columns of the same table

I have a table bills having columns id, starting_bl_no, ending_bl_no. How can I check a new bill number input is already exist in the table? id starting_bl_no ending_bl_no 1 100 ...
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MYSQL get rows not axisting in other table

I have two tables with 1 identical data column for comparison. One table "species" is a wide list of species and each data row has one unique id called "suid" add. to its primary ...
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