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For questions about the Oracle Data Pump export (invoked with the expdp command). Use together with the [oracle] tag, and include the appropriate version tag, such as [oracle-12c]. If the question applies to both the impdp and expdp commands, do not use this tag; use [datapump] tag instead.

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How to transfer data using expdp and impdp commands?

I'm an Oracle noob, and my intention is to transfer all data and metadata from one schema to another schema within an Oracle database. I'm planning to use datapump's expdp and impdp commands. I have ...
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Export pump all schemas except Sytem related schemas

I have around 111 schemas in one database instance and have to export all the schemas except the system related schemas to a new instance. Is there any way as to exclude system related schemas while ...
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Export Data Pump all data from few schemas except one table structure only?

we use to make a copy of schemas from one database and move it to another for testing using this par file ... DIRECTORY=EXPORT DUMPFILE=QQS_PROD.DMP LOGFILE=QQS_PROD.LOG SCHEMAS=QQSDATA_PROD,...
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