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For questions about the Oracle Data Pump export (invoked with the expdp command). Use together with the [oracle] tag, and include the appropriate version tag, such as [oracle-12c]. If the question applies to both the impdp and expdp commands, do not use this tag; use [datapump] tag instead.

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Move expdp part file before job end

I have an Oracle 11gr2 database running on Enterprise Linux 6.6 server. I use the following command to split the expdp dump file to 10G size chunks: expdp userid=/ DIRECTORY=dmpdir dumpfile=dump%u....
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Cross Version EXPDP/IMPDP of Indexes

Our source database is 11g and target is 19c. My question is about exporting and importing indexes. Does the EXPDP command "exports" the actual index structure or just the "Create index&...
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with oracle impdp can you drop the objects that does not exist in the dump file but are existing in the database?

For exemple if i have a bunch of objects in the database that don't exist in the dump file, with the impdp can i drop these objects and in the end i only have the objects that are in the dump file ...
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export multiple tables using expdp with query condition

I have requirement to export multiple tables using datapump job and the ultimate goal is that we are doing a migration from on-Prem . They have something like 6TB of AUD data and we are not required ...
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Export DataPump - ORA-01555 Snapshot too old

I'm trying to export a customer's production database (schema) for problem solving. During export, I'm getting the following: Estimate in progress using BLOCKS method... Processing object type ...
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Unable to import DMP file that is made in 11g2 to Oracle 18c

My OS=CENTOS 7 Oracle=18c XE I am trying to import a DMP file that is exported from XE 11g2 and now trying to import it in 18c XE. Here are the errors: [root@linux gsw]# impdp user/pass ...
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ORA-01466: unable to read data - table definition has changed

What happen when is done a import from a export with this erro? I have a table that every day is altered the structure during the consistent export (flashback_time=systimestamp) and I always receive ...
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How can I import the fga_log$ table with impdp Oracle 12 R1

I am trying to import with impdp a save made as follows: expdp '"sys/mmm as sysdba"' full=y COMPRESSION=ALL DIRECTORY=LOGICS_EXPORTS COMPRESSION_ALGORITHM=BASIC LOGTIME=ALL CONTENT=ALL DUMPFILE=FULL-...
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Oracle Transportable Database export ORA-39340: unsupported object, INDEX

I want to get data dump from PDB(Transportable Database). DB version Enterprise Edition. Before I get export I applied oracle 27162931 and 27162975 opatch. Then I altered tablespaces ...
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