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Failover is the concept of moving services from one host or node to another in order to provide high availability in a computing system.

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SQL Server 2005 - Map login to pre-existing user

The short of it is that we have several databases that are synchronized between two failover instances. The primary contains logins that are mapped to the users in the databases, and everything's ...
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JBoss/Alfresco cannot write on slave after failover [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: JBoss don't fail over MySQL slave using datasource I'm trying to set up an high available MySQL "cluster", using a Master / Slave Replication configuration. I want to the ...
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JBoss don't fail over MySQL slave using datasource

I'm trying to set up an high available MySQL cluster, using a Master / Slave configuration. I want to the slave become master (e.g. not read-only but writeable) if the first node come down (like in ...
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PostgreSQL synchronized commit performance

I'm setting up a pair of PostgreSQL servers. Because cash is short I can only afford one high class server and some crapy backup box. If the expensive high end box should catch fire, operations can ...
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Dual management node for mysql clustering

I currently have mysql cluster setup and running. Here is my current setup: 1 - management node 2 - data nodes 2 - mysql nodes I wish to incorporate a failover for the management node. The ...
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What are the differences between Mirroring and Failover Clustering and when is each one recommended over the other?

What are the main differences between Mirroring and Failover Clustering? What kind of problem each one solves and in what kind of scenarios is each one recommended over the other?
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PostgreSQL Failover - What tools should I use?

Here is the scenario: There are two machines running CentOS 6.2 - machine0 and machine1 Both have PostgreSQL 9.1 installed. One of them should be active, as a master system and through asynchronous ...
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Is this procedure to Failover to Logshipped secondary and Fail back again procedure correct?

I have a primary database in Amsterdam (AMDB), and a secondary in London (LNDB). I want to fail over from AMDB, to LNDB and then back again, without having to make another full backup (because the ...
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MySql Switching Masters During Failover with log-slave-updates

I am still pretty newbie to mysql. This question is regarding promoting slave with option --log-slave-updates to become a master. The typical schema of promoting slave to master was described in 15.3....
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PostgreSQL failover and replication

I'm evaluating PostgreSQL 9.1 and have few questions related to failover and replication details. I have few test scenarios. First one with a Master server and few Slaves. In case Master crashes I ...
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Microsoft SQL 2008 Cluster with replication

i am in the process of setting upi a SQl Server 2008 64 bit Failover cluster. A lot of the database queries that we are running during the days are db intensive and lock a lot of the tables while ...
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Database as a service (DbaaS) over dimensions--performance, scalability, & reliability?

MySql Database as a service: Amazon Xeround Another eg. PostgreSQL Database-as-a-Service. You can get the list of similar products here. Does anyone have details on their performance, reliability, ...
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Automating failover in PostgreSQL 9.1

How does one setup two identical servers for automatic failover in PostgreSQL 9.1. OS Centos 5 PostgreSQL 9.1 compiled from source The postgres user account exists on both machines and has a ...
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SQL Server DR Plan - Test Documentation

I have been tasked with creating a document for the testing of our DR/BC Plan for our SQL Servers. We are using DB Mirroring (tier-1) and transaction log shipping (tier-2) and for tier-3 databases we ...
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