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Fast, or incremental, refresh is a feature of the Oracle database _materialised views_ that improves performance of the MV refresh by logging changes to the underlying tables and applying only those changes during the refresh, instead of rewriting the entire MV. Use this tag for questions related to the Oracle database materialised views with the fast refresh option. Also specify the generic [tag:oracle] tag as well a version-specific tag.

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Unable to Create Fast Refresh Materialized View with Geometry Field

I am receiving the following error while trying to create a materialized view with a geometry field on Oracle (21c): ORA-12015: cannot create a fast refresh materialized view from a complex query I ...
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Create fast-refresh MV over dblink on table without PK?

I want to create a materialized view between a primary system (Oracle 18c) and an external system (Oracle 19c) via a dblink. The MV would refresh on a 30-second schedule (since on-commit is not ...
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Refresh materialize View fast on commit multiple table

In a materialized view with refresh fast on commit i have the below query select pp.ROWID AS PP_ROWID,aup.rowid AS AUP_ROWID, pp.hierarchicode,, aup.userid from app_useracess aup,...
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Oracle 12c fast refreshing nested materialized view problems

I have a couple of nested materialized views that fast refresh. They worked fine in Oracle 11g but since upgrading to Oracle 12c ( on Solaris) I am occasionally getting duplicate rows (the ...
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Materialized view log not updating

Under what conditions would a materialized view log not update? I must be missing something. I've got a 10gR2 database. I can create the following MV logs: CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW LOG ON linked_t1 ...
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