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Full Text Search :SQL Server 2012

I want to enable full text search in sql server the feature already checked in the installation but in sql when i make this query select serverproperty('IsFullTextInstalled') The value 0 should be ...
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Disable or Remove Edit top 200 Rows option from SSMS

I have already done some R&D on the same but don't have the real solution. Is there a way to obsolete the right click option "Edit Top 200 Rows" from SSMS? The goal is to prevent developers from ...
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Add Argument to IndexOptimize.sql to Execute Custom Command After Each Index Is Processed [closed]

I need some way to check the space usage and backup the transaction log of the database before it gets full when we run your IndexOptimize.sql script. Our databases are mirrored, so I cannot change ...
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Is there a way to 'mark' a single row in a table and automatically unmark others?

Is there a way to flag one row in a database table (MariaDB/MySQL mostly, but I just want to know), so that there is only one row in a table that has that flag? If I set that flag (for eg. 'active') ...
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mysql 5.7 json filter and features products

sorry for my english! I need use this column(feature) for show features, filters for products and in some language(It depends on the country). I have products table(innodb) and a column(json) features,...
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SQL Server 2008 R2 SP1 - Can't install "Full-text Search"

I have a "Microsoft SQL Server Express 2008 R2 SP1" installation on a machine without the "Advanced Services". Now I want to install the "Full-text Search", so I downloaded the setup "...
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Is it ever ok to not test a feature?

Is there any point at which you become so familiar with your language/database/system that there is no need to test a new feature/configuration/query/etc. by contained/simulated testing before ...
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How to obtain SQL feature list from the command line

Is there a command at the CLI or in PowerShell that will list the components installed for SQL? I'm looking for something like the Feature List you can get from running the discovery report from ...
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SQL Server Core - Installed SQL Server features

When using a traditional installation of SQL Server one has the Installed SQL Server features discovery report. Googled and found no info if some equivalent was available for the core installation. ...
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What is the purpose of the keyword "ID" in PostgreSQL?

I'm new to PostgreSQL and I ran into problems using the following query: SELECT * FROM table1 WHERE ID = 1 ERROR: column "id" does not exist LINE 2: WHERE ID = 1 where ID is a column I added ...
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Does SQL Server Compact Edition 4 finally support Views?

Just read about the release of SQL Server CE 4 and then searched all through their product website, I still cannot find a feature overview. Previous versions of SQL Server CE didn't support views, I ...
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What is SQL Server "Denali"? What's new?

I found a new title called SQL Server "Denali" in the drop down list on MSDN, but I didn't find much information about it: What's New (this documentation is for preview only as I see) Top 9 New ...
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What can I do to find out since which release a given DBMS supports a feature, function, etc?

It is rather easy to find links describing a feature. In most cases there is no hint in which release the feature was introduced. Often the last resort is to google for the feature in combination ...
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