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What kind of hardware / software architecture would be preferable for petabyte size data storage and replication? [closed]

For an upcoming feature, I got the task to develop a solution that would store data for years in a separate machine (let's call it master), while also replicating for disaster recovery. I'd like to ...
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SQL Account cannot access file system

I have an issue with a service account that is used to import several files on its D: drive. In the past SA was used for this process, but of course it needed to be replaced by a service account. So I'...
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How to keep Image data in file system with Postgres database?

I am wondering is there any way to store image type data (binary data) in postgresql not directly into the columns but resides in the file system but not gonna store the path link as text in database ...
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mariabackup system file permissions

I have an instance of mariadb 10.6.7 on an Ubuntu 22.04 Server and I am trying to do backups of a specific database with mariabackup. mariabackup --backup --user="my_test_user" --target-dir=/...
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Maintenance : File system vs Database

I'm comparing the advantages and disadvantages of File system (journaling and COW) and Database (SQL and Non-SQL). Not only from the developer's point of view, I also want to know further what are the ...
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Can PostgreSQL save an image to file system?

I'm using Postgraphile to interact with PostgreSQL, and I need upload images to server from my Android app. I plan to send an image as a base64 encoded string by using a mutation, this mutation is a ...
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Production filesystem is at 100%. Move the datafiles to a new filesystem?

As the title states our file system reached 100% capacity and I want to try moving the tablespaces datafiles to a new filesystem. I'm attempting to follow the steps from this link: http://www.dba-...
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Linux PostgreSQL mount data from external ntfs disk [closed]

I have similar problem as here: Postgres tablespace on mounted usb I want to have access to my DB on external hard drive from Raspbian and Windows 10. Not simultaneously. I just want cross-platform DB ...
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Can I use `base/pgsql_tmp` directory for non-admin applications?

(( edit after answer: this is a typical XY question/problem, there are no restriction on use absolute path, on PostgreSQL's FileSystem functions. As @LaurenzAlbe comment, "just try". )) I ...
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Should I disable filesytem journaling for MS SQL Server (Linux/Windows)

For a PostgreSQL server installation on Linux, it is beneficial to disable filesystem journaling. Tip: Because WAL restores database file contents after a crash, journaled filesystems are not ...
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How is the new system stored procedure sys.xp_delete_files different from sys.xp_delete_file?

SQL Server 2019 introduced a new (and undocumented) system stored procedure: sys.xp_delete_files What, exactly, does this new extended stored procedure do? How does it differ from xp_delete_file ...
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On a typical COW filesystem, is the database WAL redundant (in theory)?

EDIT: I was incorrectly assuming that all COW filesystems have a WAL. IT seems that BTRFS doesn't, so this question essentially applies only to ZFS. Typical COW filesystems, like ZFS, have their own ...
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SQL Server DB Restore Unable to browse directory [closed]

I have a problem with SQL Server 2008. When I try to restore a backup (located in the default location). This error appears. Cannot access the specified path of file on the server. Verify that you ...
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