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For use with Google's cloud-hosted NoSQL database.

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Should I design my Firestore database with different collections for each userId or one collection for all userIds?

I have a Firestore db where I have setup the structure: registrations/[userId]/symptoms/[documentId]/[some kind of document] I did like this because the user should only read its own symptoms, and ...
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Incorrect migration of an object from Firebase to MongoDB

I am in the process of migrating a database from Firebase to MongoDB and am facing a problem. Here is such an object I have stored in the FB: "logs": { "2021-05-24": { &...
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Creating big shared database

I wish to create DB in Firestore. My program will have multiple user and each user will have calendar and can create an event. The user can share this event with any other user (Similar to Google ...
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Choosing right database for storing bank transactions

I am starting a new project within GCP and I am trying to choose a right tool for storing bank transactions: I don't need transactions, these will be basically write-only, no updates I don't need ...
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Is necessary to backup Google Firestore DB?

Im working a production app in Google's Firebase Firestore platform, have been development from a very long time (year and a half ago) and now that its in production I'm worried about backing up and ...
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How to efficiently design Firebase database for Home service Booking application? [closed]

I'm planning to build my own app. It's a home service App to link users with other providers. I'm recently used a NoSQL database, Firebase, and I am stuck with the design of the database for my app. ...
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MySQL along with Firebase for data sync

I'm currently working on a mobile app powered by a web platform, and the mobile app will have some offline capabilities. The application has a small amount of DB entities, and only about 3 of them ...
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