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Questions tagged [firebase]

For use with Google's cloud-hosted NoSQL database.

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MySQL along with Firebase for data sync

I'm currently working on a mobile app powered by a web platform, and the mobile app will have some offline capabilities. The application has a small amount of DB entities, and only about 3 of them ...
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Is necessary to backup Google Firestore DB?

Im working a production app in Google's Firebase Firestore platform, have been development from a very long time (year and a half ago) and now that its in production I'm worried about backing up and ...
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Choosing right database for storing bank transactions

I am starting a new project within GCP and I am trying to choose a right tool for storing bank transactions: I don't need transactions, these will be basically write-only, no updates I don't need ...
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Should I design my Firestore database with different collections for each userId or one collection for all userIds?

I have a Firestore db where I have setup the structure: registrations/[userId]/symptoms/[documentId]/[some kind of document] I did like this because the user should only read its own symptoms, and ...
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