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Fragmentation exists when indexes have pages in which the logical ordering, based on the key value, does not match the physical ordering inside the data file.

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Does a fragmented database cause the transaction log to grow faster?

Hoping to get some clarity here as I've reached the limits of my SQL knowledge. The company I work for sells products storing data in Microsoft SQL Server databases, but our focus isn't really on the ...
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Fragmentation of indexes with small a database

I'm trying to figure out whether its worth defragging a 2GB mssql database. indexs are above 70% fragmented but queries don't appear to be talking too along. That being said I am having a delay when ...
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Does disk fragmentation affect DB performance?

In one of the recent interviews I was asked DB question - There is a DB with ta table having million rows. Over time will it's performance degrade. Why and how? My answer was due to fragmentation (We ...
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Extreme high index fragmentation in MS SQL Server

I have a problem with CLUSTERED INDEX, every one of my table have extemely high total fragmentation, around 92% with having page fullness in the same time at around 99%. So in my understanding pages ...
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InnoDB: in what scenarios, if any, is it okay to have random insert WRT primary key?

For now let's ignore the benefits of having a surrogate key for business logic reasons. Let's only consider performance (speed and disk usage). CREATE TABLE `person` ( `ssn` bigint(20) unsigned NOT ...
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Database fragmentation and heap SQL Server

We have critical performance issues with our production database (its around 300 gb size) We have run the following script for a few huge tables : DECLARE @db_id SMALLINT; DECLARE @object_id INT; ...
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Defragmentation of SQL Server 2008 indexes

I am having issues defragmenting indexes. I keep using the various defragmentation methods for defragmenting a SQL Server index such as DBCC INDEXDEFRAG and DBCC DBReIndex, but none seem to be ...
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Running Index defragmentation with SQL Job (looks like every night!)

After running sp_blitzcache (over time) I have found that everyday my plan cache is compiling new execution plans. 100% of my plan cache is built within the last 24 hours (each day). I think these ...
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Problem with calculating an approximate space required for online index rebuild

I have a database called TestDB which is in simple recovery model. I performed index rebuild on my Test Server which has no other user transactions except me. Before an online index rebuild the sizes ...
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