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Database planning... avoiding parallel fields

this is my first post here. I'm a programmer and lately I've had an interest in databases. I'm working on a side project and would like some tips as how to best construct my database. Here's the ...
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Proper implementation of child (derived) table PK/FK during single and multiple inheritance hard coded generalization physical data model

Below is an image of hard coded generalization UML logical model of entities. I'd like to implement these classes as tables in a physical data model. Two derived classes/entities (Class2 and ...
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Making the tables with db generalization [closed]

Can anyone tell me what will be the best way to make the tables for the following diagram: I was thinking about this: videos ------ - id - title music_videos ------------ - id - video_id - ...
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Implementing foreign keys on generalized data model

Suppose the ASCII tree below is a UML generalized concept model. To represent these entities/classes in UML, lets assume [mammal] a super class, and the level 1 classes, [wild] and [domestic] are sub ...
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