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Database Engine built in Java.

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On the INSERT statement in H2, what does `DIRECT` mean?

I noticed on the grammar documentation for INSERT in the H2 Database Engine, the optional word DIRECT. The documentation says: When using DIRECT, then the results from the query are directly ...
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Does H2 Database support pessimistic locking?

Does the H2 Database support pessimistic locking? If so, how does its use interact with H2’s MVCC implementation? I'm not looking for advice on whether or not to use pessimistic locking. I have a ...
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Is there a way to detect if there is an uncommitted transaction in H2?

I am using an H2 database with JDBC to create a connection with setAutoCommit(false). I am currently programatically checking whether or not there is an uncommitted transaction, but I was wondering ...
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converting/adapting time postgres SQL to H2

I have a quite large SQL that runs towards postgres in production today, and due to some performance reasons, I am converting our integration tests to unit tests. The integration tests ran towards a ...
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parenthetic grouping of join clauses

What is the difference between these joins? a left join b left join c (a left join b) left join c a left join (b left join c) Does the grouping only affect the order of the joins? Will the query ...
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H2 Database - Alter multiple databases

I need to alter a table in H2 db. But we have millions of databases with the same same table. What may be the feasible way to alter such databases?
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