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Hardware Security Module

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TDE setup with EMK in SQL SERVER 2019

We are implementing TDE in MS SQL SEREVR 2019 with EKM provider. We are using asymmetric key to encrypt the data at rest. Asymmetric key will be hosted in HSM appliances. I have one questions ...
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Migrate MSSQL TDE from certificate to EKM

We have a handful of MSSQL databases encrypted using Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) without an HSM. So the current chain is:  Service Master Key (SMK) ->   Master Key (DMK) ->  ...
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Restore SQL Server DB encrypted by EKM - where's the asymmetric key?

MS is clear about restoring TDE backups: Certificate has to be restored on destination OR, in case of EKM, the asymmetric key " When moving a TDE protected database, you must also move the ...
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Connection to HSM Lost

We are testing a particular HSM to use replace the Oracle wallet and user as a key-store for column encryption. We are using redundant HSMs so that things will continue to run even with a complete ...
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searching against decrypted column

I'm using Postgres on AWS RDS. My application is encrypting selected columns in a table using AWS KMS encryption. I tried but could not find a way to configure KMS keys and use the decrypt() in ...
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Allow refresh of lower environment from production when using a HSM

We currently use an Oracle Wallet for Transparent Data Encryption of certain critical columns and are migrating to a HSM for compliance reasons. Our issue is how to handle encryption on the ...
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Open source & cheap 'data at rest' encryption solutions

So I am exploring some options about database encryption. The best options are commercial (TDE). I am looking for an open-source implementation. Recent releases of MySQL and MariaDB have data-at-rest ...
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