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The Data Studio client provides an integrated development environment for instance and database administration, routine and Java application development, and query tuning that can be installed with other IBM software products so that they can share a common environment.

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Does IntelliSense feature available in Data Studio?

Does IBM Data Studio have IntelliSense features or Intelligent code completion something like below? I would like to write an SQL query with IntelliSense type functionality. I have IBM Data Studio 4.1....
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DB2 on Docker :: IBM Data Studio prompts error when creating new database

I've followed this simple guide and I was able to install DB2 on Docker. I now would like to import a sample database to play with. So I open IBM Data Studio, I right click on the instance > New ...
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How can I add a user and specify a password for a in IBM Data Studio? [duplicate]

In Data Studio I can connect to a sever/database, go down to Users And Groups, right-click on Users and add a new one. But the program never asks me for a password. How can I specify it? Also, no ...
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Confusion in Informix when selecting dates with JOIN

I am trying to run a query in Informix, doing a join in a table of logs where we save the record of insertion of the rows. Notice that the query below brings two results, with different insertion ...
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Does AS/400 Login attempt reset?

I'm currently trying to log into a remote AS/400 server. I was given credentials to obtain some data and do a couple tests. After 2 failed attempts, the iAccess Client showed me an alert saying my ...
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REORG command does not work in IBM Data studio but same works in Command Line Processor

I'm using the latest version of IBM Data Studio I tried to reorg a table using IBM Data Studio after some alterations on the table with this command. reorg table MYTABLE; This command shows ...
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Set a Max allocated size for a sellected storage path in db2

I have a DB2 storage group with storage paths set like C:\ D:\ E:\ Size of my C: drive is 100 GB and the other programs keep crashing because it fill data drive by one, even I can allocate more ...
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IBM data studio 4 - how to open a new sql script editor? [closed]

I have to use IBM Data studio 4 and for the life of me I cannot figure how to open another SQL script editor window. Luckily it opens with one, but then I am constrained to that single window. I don'...
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