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Why can I use double-quotes around "count" but not "least"?

I don't understand why these functions behave differently. The fact that they have a different arity shouldn't affect my ability to quote them. janus@janus-ux305ca ~ % psql psql (14.11 (Debian 14.11-1....
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How do you find specific column name in function/sequences

I am trying to see if a specific column exists in any functions/sequences. I have found a script which can search tables, is there anything out there that would allow me to search in functions/...
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Does resetting table ids impact any performance? [closed]

When you have a high number of ids, but they aren't used anymore. Should you reset the id of the table? And does it have any performance difference?
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ORA-00904 invalid identifer error when using alias

I'm trying to return a product of two subqueries, and thought I'd make life easier by aliasing each of the subqueries, then divide the two aliases to get the number I'm after, like this: select ...
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Identifier that starts with is too long. Max length is 128

I referenced a few other blogs and I can't isolate the issue to this logic. Code is below. Throws the error message attached. -- 1. Import Multiple Delimited Text Files into a SQL ...
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Relation does not exist while scanning schema

My Postgres database is getting slow while executing some function. But another database of identical design and with more data is much faster than the first one. I have recently migrated data from MS ...
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Why can't object names start with a number?

For example, if I'm creating view with a name '4aii', why does SQL Server care that it starts with a 4? I could call the table Fouraii or IVaii. Additionally, what does [] do behind the scenes to ...
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Does the SQL-1992 standard restrict naming identifiers to 18 characters?

In this draft of SQL:1992, I found… Section 5.2 Leveling Rules .... The following restrictions apply for Entry SQL in addition to any Intermediate SQL restrictions: a) No <...
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How do I adopt the PostgreSQL naming convention in legacy database?

I realize I'll need to update the queries, but if I have a database that has camelCase or spaces in it, you have to use double quotes on the identifiers (viz. schema, table, column). How do I migrate ...
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Test if a string is a valid, unquoted identifier?

I'm just wondering if there is an established method for testing if a string can be used as an unquoted PostgreSQL identifier? (unquoted because almost any string can be a quoted identifier). I ask ...
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Does this regex reliably remove square brackets from T-SQL?

I'm using SQL Server Management Studio 17.4, which supports search-and-replace using a Microsoft version of regular expressions (regex). I need a regex expression that can reliably remove square ...
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What do we call the equivalent of CSS "Specificity" in SQL?

In CSS, the more HTML elements you specify, the more precedence the selector gets. This is known as "specificity." For example, div p span {...} Is more specific than, and thus would override: span ...
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Table name starting with @

There is a table in my database that starts with the @ symbol. I am able to query it successfully using the following query: select * from [@tablename] This format works in SSMS and Crystal Reports....
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