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Rebuild of DB fails, yet size of the DB has doubled

I attempted to rebuild all the indexes of a DB using the query, USE [DB_Name]; GO DECLARE @TableName VARCHAR(255) DECLARE @sql NVARCHAR(500) DECLARE TableCursor CURSOR FOR SELECT '['+...
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SQL Server 2014: Why is Clustered Index Rebuild MUCH faster than initial index creation? [closed]

I have a table where rows consist of a few GUID ids and then a huge byte array of data. There is a partitioned clustered index on this table, which orders data by the GUIDs. The table is large, ...
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Why do indexes, statistics, and full text need to be rebuilt/updated/repopulated after migration?

I have created a new server, restored the system dbs and presented a copy of the data/log disks from the previous machine (or alternatively maybe I restore the user dbs using the .bak files). Post SQL ...
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After mass deletion of data, what should be done first: Index rebuilding or shrinking filegroups?

When we delete huge amounts data from a table, what should be the best thing to follow: Shrink the file group first and rebuild indexes, or Rebuild indexes then shrink the file group?
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Object necessary for warmstarting database cannot be altered ORACLE

I have this error when I want to rebuild system index : 00701. 00000 - "object necessary for warmstarting database cannot be altered" *Cause: Attempt to alter or drop a database object (...
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Does offline index rebuild of clustered or non-clustered index block user's SELECT/UPDATE/INSERT/DELETE queries?

I understand that index rebuild requires schema stability (Sch-S) lock which means it will block any query that tries to do the schema modification (Sch-M). Does an offline index rebuild of clustered ...
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What other than `delete and re-creation of the index` happens when an index is rebuilt which does not happen in the reorganize command?

When an index reorganize command is fired, then it will not drop and re-create the index. However just like a rebuild it will defragment the data and ensure that the physical ordering of the page is ...
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Constant rebuilding indexes to fix performance - why?

We have a database server (2016 SQL Server), that we have added a step of 'rebuilding indexes' to the deployment process. In decades of working with MS SQL Server at a many companies, I've never ONCE ...
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