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The index spool execution plan operator optimizes access to an intermediate result set by building a temporary nonclustered index in tempdb.

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Index Update with Eager Spool and Sort operators in Execution Plan

After an UPDATE statement on a large table, the execution plan shows updates of indexes (all non-clustered) that include the updated columns. Before each index update, there is an Eager Spool ...
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Speed Up Cross Apply Without Index Hint

I have a very small table with 12 rows in it that can be created with the following statement: CREATE TABLE dbo.SmallTable(ScoreMonth tinyint NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY, ...
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Plan changes to include Eager Spool causes the query to run slower

We have a reporting query which is erratic in terms of execution plan and run duration. It is either 5 seconds or as slow as 5 minutes. The query is a Select statement with no DML involved. One thing ...
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New Analyst SQL Optimization - Multiple Spools

Unfortunately my ability to Query has outgrown my knowledge of SQL Optimization, so i am hoping someone would help a young analyst by looking at this atrocious execution plan and provide some wisdom ...
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Why doesn't this query use an index spool?

I'm asking this question in order to better understand the optimizer's behavior and to understand the limits around index spools. Suppose that I put integers from 1 to 10000 into a heap: CREATE TABLE ...
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Eager spool for update and delete on partitioned table

When I update or delete on partition table it shows eager spool in execution plan. Image for Update query execution plan showing eager spool:- I can’t understand why it is doing eager spool only ...
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Forcing an index spool

I know its something that should be avoided for performance reasons, but am trying to show a condition where it appears as a demo on how to make sure it does not appear. However, I end up with a ...
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