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A database structure that can improve the speed of queries at the cost of disk space and slower inserts/updates. It stores a copy of one or more columns sorted but structures the data differently to allow faster access.

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When should I use a unique constraint instead of a unique index?

When I want a column to have distinct values, I can either use a constraint create table t1( id int primary key, code varchar(10) unique NULL ); go or I can use a unique index create table t2( id ...
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Optimizing queries on a range of timestamps (two columns)

I use PostgreSQL 9.1 on Ubuntu 12.04. I need to select records inside a range of time: my table time_limits has two timestamp fields and one integer property. There are additional columns in my ...
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Pattern matching with LIKE, SIMILAR TO or regular expressions

I had to write a simple query where I go looking for people's name that start with a B or a D: SELECT FROM spelers s WHERE LIKE 'B%' OR LIKE 'D%' ORDER BY 1 I was wondering if ...
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How to determine if an Index is required or necessary

I've been running an auto-index tool on our MS SQL database (I modified a script originating from Microsoft that looks at the index statistics tables - Automated Auto Indexing). From the stats, I now ...
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Is a composite index also good for queries on the first field?

Let's say I have a table with fields A and B. I make regular queries on A+B, so I created a composite index on (A,B). Would queries on only A also be fully optimized by the composite index? ...
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What is the default order of records for a SELECT statement in MySQL?

Suppose you have the following table and data: create table t ( k int, v int, index k(k) ) engine=memory; insert into t (k, v) values (10, 1), (10, 2), (10, 3); When ...
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Working of indexes in PostgreSQL

I have a couple of questions regarding working of indexes in PostgreSQL. I have a Friends table with the following index: Friends ( user_id1 ,user_id2) user_id1 and user_id2 are foreign keys to ...
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MySQL: Create index If not exists

Is there a way to create an index in MySQL if it does not exist? MySQL does not support the obvious format: CREATE INDEX IF NOT EXISTS index_name ON table(column) ERROR 1064 (42000): You have an ...
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Create index if it does not exist

I am working on a function that allows me to add an index if it does not exist. I am running into the problem that I cannot get a list of indexes to compare to. Any thoughts? This is a similar issue ...
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Monitoring Progress of Index Construction in PostgreSQL

Is there a way to monitor the progress of the creation of an index in PostgreSQL. I am creating an index on a large table and I would like to see how fast this is occurring. Is there a way to monitor ...
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Understanding "bitmap heap scan" and "bitmap index scan"

I'll try to explain my misunderstandings by the following example. I didn't understand fundamentals of the Bitmap Heap Scan Node. Consider the query SELECT customerid, username FROM customers WHERE ...
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Index Seek vs Index Scan

Looking at an execution plan of a slow running query and I noticed that some of the nodes are index seek and some of them are index scan. What is the difference between and index seek and an index ...
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Optimizing a Postgres query with a large IN

This query gets a list of posts created by people you follow. You can follow an unlimited number of people, but most people follow < 1000 others. With this style of query, the obvious optimization ...
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How to install the additional module pg_trgm

I just want to know how to install the module pg_tgrm as used in the trigram indexing scheme that allows you to do un-anchored search patterns on an index. WHERE foo LIKE '%bar%';
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SQL Server: How to track progress of CREATE INDEX command?

SQL Server 2014, Std Ed I have read that percent_complete in dm_exec_requests does not work for CREATE INDEX, and in practice, percent_complete sticks at 0. So that doesn't help. I currently use the ...
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How should I index a UUID in Postgres?

I'm new to PostgreSQL and somewhat new to databases in general. Is there an established way of how we should index UUID values in Postgres? I'm split between using hashing and using a trie, unless ...
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Possible INDEX on a VARCHAR field in MySql

I am working in a MySql database, with a table like this: +--------------+ | table_name | +--------------+ | myField | +--------------+ ...and I need to make a lot of queries like this (with ...
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What is the optimal data type for an MD5 field?

We are designing a system that is known to be read-heavy (on the order of tens of thousands of reads per minute). There is a table names that serves as a sort of central registry. Each row has a ...
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Indexes: integer vs string performance if the number of nodes is the same

I am developing an application in Ruby on Rails with the PostgreSQL (9.4) database. For my use case, columns in tables will be looked up very frequently, as the whole point of the application is ...
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Does a re-index update statistics?

I've been doing the MS10775A course this past week and one question that came up that the trainer couldn't answer reliably is: Does a re-index update the statistics? We found discussions online ...
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Order by column should have index or not?

I have added indexes to table which are used for searching result. I am showing results by ASC or DESC order. So that column should have index or not? I have 2 more indexes on that table. How ...
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How to estimate/predict data size and index size of a table in MySQL

I am finding what is the best way to estimate size of a table for that I have studied lot of blogs and forums but unable to find any accurate answer For example, we have a table City with InnoDB ...
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Why is my database still fragmented after I rebuilt and reindexed everything?

I have a database which I tried to defragment all the tables at once by running this T-SQL: SELECT 'ALTER INDEX all ON ' + name + ' REORGANIZE;' + CHAR(10) + 'ALTER INDEX all ON ' + ...
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Would index lookup be noticeably faster with char vs varchar when all values are 36 chars

I have a legacy schema (disclaimer!) that uses a hash-based generated id for the primary key for all tables (there are many). An example of such an id is: 922475bb-ad93-43ee-9487-d2671b886479 There ...
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Is it a good idea/approach to index a VARCHAR column?

We're using PostgreSQL v8.2.3. There are tables involved: EMPLOYEE and EMAILLIST. Table 1: EMPLOYEE (column1, column2, email1, email2, column5, column6) Table 2: EMAILLIST (email) 2 tables are ...
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Hard and Fast rule for include columns in index

Is there any hard and fast rule to decide what columns and in which order it should be put in Included in non clustered index. I was just reading this post
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Multicolumn index and performance

I have a table with a multicolumn index, and I have doubts about the proper sorting of the indexes to get the maximum performance on the queries. The scenario: PostgreSQL 8.4, table with about one ...
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Need for indexes on foreign keys

I'm struggling with indexes, primary keys and foreign keys... And the need of having them all. If I have two tables, both of them have an integer as a primary key. The first table references ...
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Why does CREATE INDEX ... WITH ONLINE=ON block access to the table over a period of minutes?

I have an existing table: CREATE TABLE dbo.ProofDetails ( ProofDetailsID int NOT NULL CONSTRAINT PK_ProofDetails PRIMARY KEY CLUSTERED IDENTITY(1,1) , ProofID int NULL , ...
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Why does MySQL not have hash indices on MyISAM or InnoDB?

I have an application that will only select on equality, and I figure I should use a hash index over a btree index. Much to my dismay, hash indices are not supported on MyISAM or InnoDB. What's up ...
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Why don't databases create their own indexes automatically?

I would have thought that databases would know enough about what they encounter often and be able to respond to the demands they're placed under that they could decide to add indexes to highly ...
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Index optimization with dates

I have a large table of objects (15M+ row) in PostgreSQL 9.0.8, for which I want to query for outdated field. I want to divide the query by millions, for scalability & concurrency purposes, and I ...
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Why are simple SELECTs on InnoDB 100x slower than on MyISAM?

I have quite an annoying problem. I want to use INNODB as my main database engine and give up on MyISAM as I need the former for using galera-cluster for redundancy. I copied (description follows) ...
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Index not making execution faster, and in some cases is slowing down the query. Why is it so?

I was experimenting with indexes to speed up things, but in case of a join, the index is not improving the query execution time and in some cases it is slowing things down. The query to create test ...
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Copy complete structure of a table

Using some methods, when you create a copy of a table you lose indexes, PK, FK, etc. For example in SQL Server I can say: select * into dbo.table2 from dbo.table1; This is just a simple copy of the ...
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Improve performance of COUNT/GROUP-BY in large PostgresSQL table?

I am running PostgresSQL 9.2 and have a 12 column relation with about 6,700,000 rows. It contains nodes in a 3D space, each one referencing a user (who created it). To query which user has created how ...
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Why index REBUILD does not reduce index fragmentatation?

I have used ALTER INDEX REBUILD to remove index fragmentation. In some cases REBUILD does not seem to remove this fragmentation. What are the reasons why REBUILD does not remove fragmentation? It ...
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Is it bad to have index space larger than data space?

Often I need to run queries against large tables that don't have the right index. So I ask the DBA to create such index. The first thing he does is look at the table statistics and see the index space ...
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Custom unique constraint, only enforced if one column has a specific value

Is it possible to have a custom unique constraint as follows? Suppose I have two cols, subset and type, both strings (though the data types probably doesn't matter). If type is 'true', then I want the ...
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Just came across a weird issue, whereby depending on how I create an index, an index name is required.
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When to use sort_in_tempdb when rebuilding indexes?

We are debating whether to use the SORT_IN_TEMPDB option for our DW tables. My understanding is that there are more writes when using this option, although they are more sequential. We have a SAN (...
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Using indexed views for aggregates - too good to be true?

We have a data warehouse with a fairly large record count (10-20 million rows) and often run queries that count records between certain dates, or count records with certain flags, e.g. SELECT f....
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Why would you index text_pattern_ops on a text column?

Today Seven Databases in Seven Weeks introduced me to per-operator indexes. You can index strings for pattern matching the previous queries by creating a text_pattern_ops operator class index, as ...
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Do SSDs reduce the usefulness of Databases

I only heard about Robert Martin today, and it seems like he's a notable figure in the software world, so I don't mean for my title to appear as if it's a click bait or me putting words in his mouth, ...
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Is there a way to show the creation statement for an index in PostgreSQL

I need to recreate an index in PostgreSQL which has suffered index bloat. Since I need the index to be usable while it's being created, I can't use REINDEX. I am going to recreate the index with a new ...
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Can spatial index help a "range - order by - limit" query

Asking this question, specifically for Postgres, as it has good supoort for R-tree/spatial indexes. We have the following table with a tree structure (Nested Set model) of words and their frequencies:...
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How to choose a collation for international database?

I'm designing a database which will store data in different languages (using UTF-8), so I think the best way to display the query's results is ordering it according to the user's language during the ...
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How to create an index to speed up an aggregate LIKE query on an expression?

I may be asking the wrong question in the title. Here are the facts: My customer service folk have been complaining about slow response times when doing customer lookups on the administration ...
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How to know when/if I have too many indexes?

Running Microsoft SQL Server Profiler every now and then, it suggests me with a bunch of new indexes and statistics to create ("...97% estimated improvement..."). From my understanding every added ...
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How to create a conditional index in MySQL?

How to create an index to filter a specific range or subset of the table in MySQL? AFAIK it's impossible to create directly but I think it's possible to simulate this feature. Example: I want to ...
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