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Questions tagged [informix]

Informix is an SQL-based object-relational, OLTP/OLAP, NoSQL DBMS produced by IBM. This tag is appropriate for questions about any of the products with Informix in the product name.

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25 votes
1 answer

Why does NOT IN with a set containing NULL always return FALSE/NULL?

I had a query (for Postgres and Informix) with a NOT IN clause containing a subquery that in some cases returned NULL values, causing that clause (and the entire query) to fail to return anything. ...
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11 votes
1 answer

SQL Server --> Informix DB Linked Server

After about 3 days of trying, I am unable to create a linked server from SQL Server 2016 to Informix 11.5. I haven't tried this with other versions (2008R2, etc) since I wanted to set up the ...
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