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Questions tagged [informix]

Informix is an SQL-based object-relational, OLTP/OLAP, NoSQL DBMS produced by IBM. This tag is appropriate for questions about any of the products with Informix in the product name.

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Informix DB export to Microsoft SQL Server 2016

I have an Informix Database and a Microsoft SQL Server 2016. My task is to dump the whole Informix Database and export it to the Microsoft SQL Server Database. I installed the Informix SDK 4.5. I ...
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How to declare and use variables in Informix

How can I declare and use variables in Informix Database. I'm using version 9.40uc7 and I would like to create two date variables read values into them then compare them using an if statement. eg....
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Informix Innovator-c and SAN storage: How can we increase Innovator-C parallelism in high latency disk IO situations

When using Innovator-C against SAN storage (which is unavoidable in some cloud infrastructure situations) on a Linux (CentOS 6.x) system, write latency becomes the bottleneck in performance (we've ...
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In Informix, is it possible to copy a database within the same server/host?

Assuming a user has sufficient privileges on the server, is it possible to copy a database in its entirety within the same server/host, using SQL only (i.e. without having shell access to the Linux ...
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Informix onunload/onload between different arch

I have some necro-project using Informix Dynamic Server Version 7.31.UD1. I need to backup-restore database between servers. The thing is, the onload just silently exits and doesn't create a database, ...
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Informix onunload/onload to take a snapshot and then restore

I have an Informix database. I want to take a snapshot, make some changes, then restore the database from that snapshot. (If Informix supported nested transactions, I would be using transactions.) ...
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IBM Informix - cast decimal to time format

My customer uses an IBM Informix environment to track production information. In the current SharePoint 2013 he was able to show those infos with this query: Select stillst_grund,sum(charge_bis-...
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Most effective way of logging user query activity

We are logging and permanently storing all the queries performed about private persons in our database. Due to GDPR we need to be able to show all the entities who have requested personal data and the ...
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Converting and/or enforcing an Ascii Character Set in Informix database from 819 or ISO Latin 1

Overview: In Informix is it possible to enforce ASCII for a database or instance. Details: I am trying to enforce ASCII in an instance of informix for a while. This is to help have a smooth ...
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Is there such a thing as result cache for Informix

Informix has SSC (SQL Statement Cache), but that doesn't seem to cache the result of the query. Is there something else to activate to also cache the result ? I am using Informix 12.1 on Redhat.
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Joining and combining MySQL tables from Informix

I previously asked this in StackOverflow, But I couldn't find a solution, so I thought I'd share my problem here too. I have an old system that uses Informix for data storage, and I'm working on ...
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Is it possible to index serial8 type column for BTS in Informix

Trying to Index an Informix Database for Basic Text Search. One of the columns is of type Serial8. Is there a way or is it possible to index serial8 column for BTS, without changing the type of the ...
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Configuring Informix to access data on another server

I have inherited an Informix installation that contains a large amount of business logic in the form of procedures. The company also uses SQL Server, MySQL and Postgres for various roles. We're very ...
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How to update multiple records using records from another table with join

I'm going to explain this scenario in such a way that it is easy to understand. For example I have 3 tables that I need to join in order to get the value I need for the age. See below table structure ...
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Informix v12 substitute for query using multiple with statements

I am trying to convert some PostgreSQL into Informix and factor out the WITH statements in the query below. I have been unable to locate a solution to factoring out multiple with statements. The ...
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How to connect Informix to SQL Server as a linked server?

We got to the point that we can see the tables, but we can't see the columns. For the record, all of the tables are called "root.". I don't know what that means in Informix speak. Based on the ...
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Query with LVARCHAR performance in Informix DB

In a maintenance project that it's working with IBM Informix Dynamic Server Version 11.50.FC6 we have to improve the performance of some queries. One of this queries to the Informix DB fetches a ...
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Linked server Informix driver mismatch error on driver and applciation

I tried to read all the questions here that has been asked before, but could not find any clue on my problem. I'm trying to setup a linked server to connect on INFORMIX server, I installed the driver,...
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Confusion in Informix when selecting dates with JOIN

I am trying to run a query in Informix, doing a join in a table of logs where we save the record of insertion of the rows. Notice that the query below brings two results, with different insertion ...
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What are the pitfalls of using "Preserve" for Cursor Behavior in Informix ODBC DSN?

I am converting an Informix SE to an IDS database. The programs I have use ODBC System DSNs to communicate with the database. For SE, we use the sesoctcp protocol. The program code, would open a ...
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