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Good questions for interviews - should be open-ended with a number of possible answers, of which the best (or least-worst) depending on the situation, available resources, project requirements, etc, is the best one.

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Database design for ID (RFID) card access

One of the system design interview questions I got many years ago was to design an ID (RFID) card access system. I don't remember how I answered the question back then but I attempted a solution ...
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How do I write a query that places passengers on buses if there is capacity?

Buses and passengers arrive at a station. If a bus arrives at the station at a time tbus and a passenger arrives at a time tpassenger where tpassenger <= tbus, then the passenger will attempt to ...
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Performing SQL string manipulations on a single column

I recently came across a problem at an interview which I wasn't able to answer. The ask was to write some SQL fetch the first three number(s) after crossing two 2 decimals. For example: Input table: ...
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List population of provices (SQL Query)

I was asked this question in an interview and I could not get my mind around it, and now it is bothering me a lot! If you have a table CANADA(PROVINCE, CITY, POPULATION). - Population is correlated ...
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SQL Login cannot connect to Database

Recently I attended one interview and this was the question: Many Users reported that they are not able to connect to server.Where as I can connect to server. My Answer : I will check out their ...
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How can I display twice each stored row without using UNION ALL or a temporary table?

The relevant table, named emp, holds the following data: CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE emp AS SELECT * FROM ( VALUES (1,'A'), (2,'B'), (3,'C') ); ID Name -- ---- 1 A 2 B 3 C And the output ...
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Troubleshoot corruption in SQL Server Database [closed]

I have been asked by my interviewer "How do you troubleshoot corrupted data in SQL in SQL Server 2012?"
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Efficient way to join two tables with one to many relationship

This is interview question asked to me in interview and i was not able to answer. Please help.. What is the most efficient way to join two table with one to many relationship between them
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Disable the Task action button

How can I disable the "Tasks ->" button in SQL Server Management Studio? I need to prevent users scripting objects.
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Interview SQL question

Given a table 'employees' employee_id | salary | department_id -------------+--------+--------------- Only using SQL find all the variants of employee-transfers from one department to another, so ...
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I Want to Become a Database Administrator - How Can I Start? [closed]

I just took a database course in my college and found it fascinating. I want to learn more in this field, but I feel a bit lost with how to start. How do I become a database administrator? What are ...
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Recovering a lost datafile with no backup available

How do you recover a lost datafile if: the database is running in archivelog mode there is no backup is available
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Recovering from the loss of datafile in NOARCHIVELOG mode?

How do you recover from the loss of datafile if the database is running in NOARCHIVELOG mode?
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What should I ask at a MySQL DBA interview?

I am a software developer and am helping my team hire a MySQL DBA. The core challenges that we are facing are: Slower queries and performance due to Hibernate. Database management (backups, tuning, ...
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What is Atomic Relation in First Normal Form

I have read the definition of 1NF which is, "If each attribute of relation is atomic". Please tell me what is Atomic.
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Recover Oracle database after drive loss Interview Question

How would you answer this as an interview question? The database crashed and you lost a drive containing one of your control files and another drive containing an entire redo log group. You ...
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What is a Clustered Index?

I need a short explaining of clustered index. What is a clustered index? What are best practices for using the clustered index?
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