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How to set IP segment and connection string with IPv6?

For this PostgreSQL configuration example: local replication repmgr trust host replication ...
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Unable to search between IPv6 range when converting string IP Address to VARBINARY(16)

I am attempting to search for IPGeolocation data, which is presented by the data vendor as a start and end range for both IPv4 and IPv6. However, when I convert the IP that is provided, I am getting ...
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Disabling IPV6 on Always on availability group

In our environment we only have one network adapters for the Replicas and IPV4 is being used. By default the IPV6 is also enabled. My question is will there be any problems if I unchecked IPV6 from ...
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Sqlserver IPV6 handling function or numeric conversion

I'm looking for ways to handle IPv6 CIDR address ranges in SqlServer. The data I obtained is formatted as bellow and has these columns : Int_IP_Start, Int_IP_End, CIDR_Range, ASN, Name for IPv4 "...
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