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How to migrate a database from 2016 to 2014 if there are encrypted/locked objects(SPs) associated with it?

I am trying to migrate a database from 2016 to 2014 through Task-->Generate Scripts. There are some stored procedures that are locked and seems like they are encrypted as well. They are causing ...
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How to write script to kill MS Office database locks in MSSQL

I've recently inherited a MSSQL database as our DBA has moved on to greener pastures. I'm not a DBA and have limited to moderate SQL knowledge but have had to absorb some of his duties and have an ...
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How to connect to specific session id & serial# ? Blocked sessions

I have blocked sessions and see which session is blocking them, having session_id and serial#. Is it possible to connect to such session? How? Background: using V$SESSION_BLOCKERS I see sessions are ...
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Do table locks get released after a query finishes when WAITFOR is used after that query within the same batch and transaction?

If I have a query that reads from a table, if that query is proceeded with the WAITFOR keyword (within the same batch and transaction) will the table lock of the preceding query be held until the ...
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Is a dropped (or altered) function still available inside already opened transactions?

I found PostgreSQL - Are CREATE FUNCTION and DROP FUNCTION locking when used inside different transactions? but there are no answers and isn't exactly the same as my question (though very similar). ...
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why an update doesn't update a row if the where clause exists?

I'm working with SQL Server 2012 SP2 and I have a problem with a stored procedure. I have a table where we do a lot of things in a second: we insert and update rows very often. I have a stored ...
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False positive error message in MS Access (concurrent users)

I have discovered a strange apparent bug in MS Access and would like to know if others know it already and hopefully how to get around it. Trying to count records based on known column categories. ...
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os_buffer_descriptors blocking problem SQL Server 2008 R2

The following query : select (buffer_descriptors.datacache) as 'Data Cache (MB)', case when buffer_descriptors.datacache > 4096 then (((buffer_descriptors.datacache)/4096)*300) else '...
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INNODB real-time locks?

How can I view real-time locks in innodb when information_schema.innodb_locks is not available?
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SQL Server - RangeX-X and RangeI-N locks

I came to a dead point in a deadlock analyze. According to msdn: RangeX-X are Exclusive range, exclusive resource lock; used when updating a key in a range. RangeI-N are Insert range, null resource ...
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Tracing, debugging and fixing Row Lock Contentions

Off late, I've been facing a lot of row lock contentions. The table in contention seems to be a particular table. This is generally what happens - Developer 1 starts a transaction from Oracle ...
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Unexplained InnoDB timeouts

I've been seeing some very basic updates timing out lately and have not been able to determine the cause. An example: //# Query_time: 51 Lock_time: 0 Rows_sent: 0 Rows_examined: 0 UPDATE photos ...
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How can I remove locks on an object?

One of my queries is running in to a Row Lock Contention. I've tracked down which table is causing that - so now what's the next step ? Which session is causing this table to get locked ? How do I ...
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