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2 answers

Lockdown database access on certain tables

I have a dev team who have a number of SQL databases used as a back end for mostly excel front end. This originally came from an excel spreadsheet until it got made into SQL databases. At first, they ...
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Linked Server connection started failing with "Cannot generate SSPI context ... SQL Server Network Interfaces: The logon attempt failed" error?

The Issue I have two SQL Server 2016 Standard Edition servers on the same domain. ServerA has two linked server connections setup to ServerB. The first linked server connection is using a dedicated ...
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3 answers

Safe and secure implementation of logon trigger in SQL Server 2014 Express edition?

I've to implement the following requirement: Access to SQL Server instance shall be allowed only from a C# application. Users shall not be able to access any database (even those in which they have ...
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Logon Trigger IP Address Issue

I have this logon trigger to restrict IP addresses. It is the same trigger I have seen everywhere. However, it is not working as expected, and I was hoping someone could give some direction. I am ...
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Logon failed for login due to trigger execution / LOGON TRIGGER

I have this situation. I created a logon script to block any session for specific logins. These logins are in a table. So the behaviour of my script is simple. Get the login from the table, compare it ...
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failed logon trigger blocking access into SQL Server instance

I wanted to create a trigger to record all the names of logins(who logon into system) in ServerLogonRecords table(all the columns are nullable) using LOGON trigger. I get information using eventdata() ...
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Logon error to readonly db

getting error: "The target database ('MyDB') is in an availability group and is currently accessible for connections when the application intent is set to read only. For more information about ...
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Oracle Logon Trigger ReCompile

Typically when an oracle object goes invalid due to a dependent object being modified, the next execution of the invalid object will compile it and everything will be execute as expected (assuming no ...
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