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A sequential journal of database write operations that facilitates robust atomic write operations.

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Is binary log purging done by expire_logs_days equivalent to PURGE BINARY LOGS?

In a MySQL replication environment where replication is done with binary logs, if you run PURGE BINARY LOGS on the master, the server will not delete logs that are currently being replicated by a ...
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Amount by which to increase checkpoint_segments (postgresql)

In my postgresql log, I see statements such as checkpoints are occurring too frequently (26 seconds apart). Currently in the conf, checkpoint_segments are 32, checkpoint_timeout is 15 mins and ...
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Understanding two types of mongodb log entries for bulk inserts

I have an app which does regular (every 2 minutes) bulk inserts to two identical instances of 2.6.4 mongodb on two servers. Both the instances are hosted on 2 Core, 14GB machine and have only one ...
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SSIS in Azure: operation_messages_scaleout event_messages_scaleout tables not populating

We are running SSIS packages in AZure. I am finding that for some reason we have stopped populating the SSISDB tables (operation_messages_scaleout, event_messages_scaleout). It does appear that the ...
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User names in postgres docker image logs

I'm looking to get thorough logs of user activity attributable back to users from the official docker image of Postgres. I'm running my docker image like so: docker run --name pg -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=...
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Why is failed job not logged in SQL Server Agent Error Log?

I have a failed job which is logged in SQL Server Logs but not logged in SQL Server Agent Error Logs. The job is executed as user: NT SERVICE\SQLSERVERAGENT. Limit size of job history and Remove agent ...
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How to change permissions of Oracle generated logs?

The oracle generated logs (ie. alert and listener logs) are being created with 600 permissions. These files are of course created automatically by the oracle user. How would I change the permissions ...
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SQL Server Login auditing capturing Logon events when set to Failed logins only

I have an issue where within my SQL Server 2016 Standard instance, Login auditing is set to Failed logins only but within the ERRORLOG file, it is capturing Both failed and succesful logins. Once I ...
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How to recover LogMiner after its tablespace had been deleted?

Here is my story: I created separate table space for Log Miner, create tablespace logminer_ts datafile '/path/to/logminer.dbf' size 50M AUTOEXTEND ON And moved Log Miner to the created table space: ...
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Oracle Error 12560 generating big sqlnet.log file

I have a Windows 2008 server which have two versions of Oracle: 11.2.0 and 12.1.0 A huge log file is being generated on the following path: C:\Users\theUser\Oracle\oradiag_theUser\diag\clients\...
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Managing logs generated by user

I am developing a web app for my client and there is a section which displays the changes made in the application by any of the user. This section is known as log.It basically stores and displays the ...
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Possible to get log file with only statements sent to Postgres from my app (and not from psql prompt)?

I'm using an ORM in my app and would like to see all statements sent to Postgres so that I can figure out exactly what the ORM is doing. In the Postgres config file I added log_statement = 'all' to ...
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SQL Server log for revoke statements

I am trying to figure if SQL Server has a feature to log when a user fires statements as revoke, delete from, etc. It would be great to see which user has fired the command, date and time, and which ...
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How To Log Select Statements from 1 User On 1 Table Into a Permanent Log Table

We have a centralized authentication library that 100+ applications use to authenticate users. That library has its own DB credentials. It would be extremely useful to log every time that library/user ...
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What to do when the active log directory is full?

Here's my database configuration: Log file size (4KB) (LOGFILSIZ) = 125000 Number of primary log files (LOGPRIMARY) = 10 Number of secondary log files ...
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Analyze MariaDB error logs to get information what were happened on server

Can you help me understand what was happen on MariaDB server. I wasn't able to connect to this server because there was 'Too many connections'. This is one of our slave in replication so non of main ...
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Log files are still created even when general_log is OFF - MySQL (MariaDB)

I have a MySQL server (10.4.21-MariaDB) installed by the XAMPP stack on ubuntu. I notice in the mysql folder (/opt/lampp/var/mysql) several files: ip-172-31-14-21.err ip-172-31-14-21.log ip-172-31-14-...
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MariaDB rotated logs are empty on CentOS7

I've been having the same problem for a couple of weeks now. I have the following /etc/logrotate.d/mariadb file configuration: /var/log/mariadb/*.log { create 600 mysql mysql ...
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Postgres connection logged temp file, but no query?

I'm going over some logs for a Postgres database and came across the following logs and I'm at a loss as to what would've caused it. connection authorized: user=app1 database=pg SSL enabled (protocol=...
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convert RDS csvlog into pgreplay-go compatible for replaying

Before upgrading AWS RDS PostgreSQL version at production, I want to replay 1-hour recorded logs at the test instance. Unfortunately pgreplay is single-threaded application, limited by single CPU ...
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After a reboot and latest CU for sqlserver 2017 I get this annoying message

After a reboot and latest CU for sqlserver 2017 I get this annoying message (the xxxxx was a number) SSBDT: Dialog timer delete during registration (did: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:Initiator, ...
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Mysql falls every day

My database Mysql fallas every day: Looking at the tail -100 /var/log/mysqld.log Shows: 2020-08-16 20:56:03 7f787c7fb700 InnoDB: Error (Duplicate key) writing word node to FTS auxiliary index table. ...
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Suggestion for log storage with search by keywords/tag

I'm trying to find a solution for dealing with a data set of logs of about 500Gb. Ideally what I search for is an index over log message keywords that I parse from the log messages. Like: Log message ...
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auto_explain does not log

looks like i do it wrong. I turned auto_explain on with adding next valued to postgresql.conf: shared_preload_libraries = 'pg_stat_statements,pg_wait_sampling,pg_stat_kcache,auto_explain' ...
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How to correctly have binary logs stored.....Mysql/Maria

So I'm taking a full backup at 12AM each day. At 2,4,6,8,10etc etc I'm taking incrementals. Using Mariadb and maraibackup... At each point I want to flush and purge the logs so I don't have to ...
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Disable mysql general query log for specific user (or schema)?

MySQL can log all queries in what is called "General Log" Is there a way to keep this query log but skip all queries for a specific user? Or maybe for a specific database? I would like so because I ...
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MYSQL need log executed query in table along with executed user name

I would to like the executed quires with entire database tables for some mysql users only. Because some of users executed wrong query in production environment. And needs to store this log in new ...
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What index type to use for a log

I have a table in which I will store messages (as in chat messages). The table will be appended to a LOT, rows being inserted as messages fly by, much more often than entries will be updated. Older ...
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What to do when MySQL is not generating any logs at all on Debian?

The problem I'm having is that MySQL (5.5.46-0+deb7u1) is not generating log files. This on Debian Wheezy. The my.cfg file has been updated according to the required config for logging ALL queries (...
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Unable to show binary logs how to remove logs from mysql?

Server version: 5.1.50-log MySQL Community Server (GPL) Type 'help;' or '\h' for help. Type '\c' to clear the buffer. mysql> show binary logs ; PROBLEM Data directory is full I want to remove ...
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postgresql reindex frequency and monitoring

What's up guys. I have a couple of tables where i inserting much of data (and almost never deleting). Periodically i see that insert gains ExclusiveLock on index of table. So i guess that sometimes ...
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