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MariaDB 10.2 was released as stable (GA) with version 10.2.6 on 23 May 2017. Please also tag with mariadb for search purposes.

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Next step to configuring MariaDB after successful installation

In addition to the formal documentation (i.e., etc), there are countless tutorials on installing MariaDB, however, not one of ...
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Alternative to ORDER BY GROUP BY to get first matches per ForeignKey

Since there is so much talk and articles about this online. I simply don't seem to have enough SQL knowledge to solve this seemingly simple problem. I have a table with layered data for a Price per ...
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The table is full - MariaDB

I am getting the following error whist trying to execute a long running query. The table 'C:\Windows\SERVIC~2\NETWOR~1\AppData\Local\Temp#sql1664_349_19be' is full The C drive (NTFS) on the server ...
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MariaDB optimisation [closed]

I stuck a bit with setting the best performance of MariaDB on my VPS. I have: 6 cores; 16GB RAM; 300GB SSD; CloudLinux; LiteSpeed >> MySQLTuner 1.7.0 - Major Hayden <> &...
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Galera Failures

I have 2 nodes. One a VPS on NFO Servers and another on Azure. I have setup the firewalls/disabled the firewalls. The nodes are CentOS 7, Latest Kernel. The configs are as follows: Node 1 (Master DB) ...
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Configure MariaDB client with host-specific credentials?

How can I configure my MariaDB client (mysql) so that I don't have to enter a password to connect, regardless of which host I am connecting to? I can't just put a password in the [client] section of ~...
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Enforce existence of cartesian product in join table without triggers in MariaDB 10.2

Given tables A, B and C, where C holds a foreign key to both A and B (i.e. C is a "join table"), is it possible to define a constraint so that C contains the whole Cartesian product A x B without ...
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Unable to install Mariadb on Fedora 27 due to SELinux issue

I followed these instructions in installing mariadb on my fedora 27 VM. My mariadb.repo is configured as follows: [mariadb] name = MariaDB baseurl = ...
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mariadb galera bootstrapping fails

Starting point at the sandbox sb1, sb2, sb3: All boxes identical. A Fresh debian 9 install mariadb 10.2 Galera3 build a test galera cluster with empty databases works fine. All three nodes come up and ...
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json functions: double quotes added when going through a variable

Im stuck with what it seems simple question, when I create a JSON using the MariaDB/MySQL json functions going through variables, it adds double quotes which is annoying. However, if I don't go ...
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