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Avoiding infinite loop in a master-master replication

As an exercise, I am implementing a master-master replication in PostgreSQL, using triggers (requirement of the task). Basically there are 2 databases with tables that have almost exactly the same ...
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MySQL - Master to master replication without downtime in Live production

I want to setup 2 node master-master replication. Im aware of the point of failiures in this replication. Its a huge database around 1.5TB. Heavy OLTP is going on. But its mandatory to implement right ...
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SQL Database mirroring \ replication capabilities? [closed]

I've looked through the similar questions, but they are a little further down the line, more into details already. While I'm still researching the concept of mirroring and what can and can not be ...
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Setup to allow creating new tables in PostgreSQL replica

My goal is to create a replica of an existing database that would allow me to create new tables and populate them. I don't care about writes to replicated tables - those can and probably should throw ...
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Fault tolerant cross datacenter MySQL replication & failover strategy [duplicate]

Which of the following method is the most fault tolerant way to achieve cross datacenter MySQL replication using DNS failover and why? MySQL master-master replication with one primary/active node and ...
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Master-slave + master-master replication at the same time

Can a MySQL database which is doing master-slave replication to a number of slaves be configured to do master-master replication to a new server at the same time? I have an application that has a ...
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Write on MySQL master-master replication

I have set up MySQL MM replication and they work well. I also know that it's not good to write simultaneously on both servers since it may cause inconsistency. However, I wonder if I write on both ...
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Master - Master replication Duplicate entry error

I've got a Master - Master replication setup and it worked fine for a couple of days but I keep getting: Duplicate entry errors after a few days. My setup is as follows: One server in The Netherlands ...
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