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The Microsoft business applications product line, which is now being rolled into a single Dynamics 365 brand. Please add more details about the product and the version in the question body.

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What does OPTION FAST in SELECT statement do?

I have done some digging on what the OPTION (FAST XXX) query hint does inside a SELECT statement and I'm still confused about it. According to MSDN: Specifies that the query is optimized for fast ...
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sp_cursoropen and parallelism

I'm running into a performance problem with a query that I can't seem to get my head around. I pulled the query out of a cursor definition. This query takes seconds to execute SELECT A.JOBTYPE FROM ...
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Help me tune the long-running query

I have a problem with the following query executing from the application (Microsoft Dynamics AX): DECLARE @p1 INT; SET @p1 = NULL; DECLARE @p2 INT; SET @p2 = 0; DECLARE @p5 INT; SET @p5 = 2 + 4096; ...
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Include HostName in ODBC System DSN Connection

Not sure if this is a question for here or if it should go on Stack Overflow. If SO is a better fit, please migrate it. Our finance team uses Dynamics GP. Occasionally we need to track the query that ...
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Should I ever use query hints?

SQL Server 2008 R2, Dynamics AX 2009 We have this ugly query DECLARE @P1 NVARCHAR(5), @P2 INT, @P3 INT, @P4 NVARCHAR(11), @P5 INT, @P6 NVARCHAR(5), @P7 NVARCHAR(11)SELECT A.SALESID, A.LINENUM, ...
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