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Select value and display in a combobox if the datetimepicker value lies between two extreme dates in a table in database

I am creating an attendance management system in and using MS access as my database. I created a leave form in which the student on leave has a roll number and his details along with the from ...
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how to Manipulate duplicated records using access

Using Microsoft Access, I have a number of records that have duplicated field-1. I need to form a query such that the duplicate records get unique ; BUT the next filed-2 data must be seen in columns ...
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What is MS Access ODBC SQL syntax for a table with AutoIncrement and Memo columns?

I am migrating a full framework .NET app to core. It used ADOX to create an MS Access database and tables. It used OLE DB to populate data. In ADOX, the data type was ADOX.DataTypeEnum.adInteger and ...
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How to connect UDL file to a Msaccess DB 2007 (Protected with password)?

The UDL file was connected to MS Access DB 2007 successfully. However, when I have protected the DB with a user the connection failed. Can any one show us how to solve this problem ?
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MS Access 2000 Application - SQL Server [closed]

I have an old MS Access 2000 application which connects to a SQL Server 2000 database. I need to migrate this database and application to a new server with SQL Server 2012. The Access application is ...
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I need to hide an open Access table from users

For application startup I had to open a table as part of some DAO.recordSet code. DoCmd.OpenTable "User", acNormal, acReadOnly On running user tests, I want to distribute the desktop application as ...
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MS Access Crash on DAO connection

Can someone take a look at this code and provide a hint as to what it is I am doing wrong. This code taken almost literally from a reference book, as an example on how to use VBA ADO object. Here is ...
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3 answers

Restrict Front Ended User access to Form entry only

I have a front end database that I want to restrict user access to only enter data into a form. I do not want them to be able to scroll through other entries via the form. How can I restrict this in ...
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2 answers

Back-end with encription and user-control for MS Access2003-VBA

My client has an Access 2003 "multi-user" (<6) "database" (<3k records) with "encryption" located in a LAN folder and an easy Form I polished with VBA(DAO library). Access 2003 encryption can be ...
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how to edit kvp data as crosstab/pivot

I am keeping data in key/value pairs. I know how to convert that data into crosstab form using queries like this: <!-- language: lang-sql --> SELECT master.tag, MAX(CASE WHEN data.key = ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Combine multiple row's records in one row with MS Access Query?

I have a table (name- tbl2) with 21 column but I want to combine multiple rows records in a row by using a unique reference number as below: Table Field and Records Type Expected Result: Please ...
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1 answer

MS Access : Navigation pane is suppressed

I received a MS Access form client. It is in access 2007 format. Initially Navigation Pane was not available. Only form was visible. Then I choose options->Current database->checked Display Navigation ...
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2 answers

What DSN file is MS Access using for ODBC Linked Tables?

I set up a linked tables in Microsoft Access to connects to an remote database using ODBC with a File DSN. But which DSN file is Access using now? I want to examine it and compare it with the other ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Moving from MS Access to SQL Server 2012, need help with column history

I'm moving an access database from all the data being in MS Access to MS Access being just a frontend, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to do a sort of column history. I have a tasks....
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MS Access database returns multiple entries for same person with more than one child

I know this is a very basic question, but I've watched about six Access database videos and still can't find the answer. I'm a volunteer creating a membership database for a church in MS Access. The ...
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1 answer

How to save the design of an Access database -- not the content -- as text?

How can I save the entire design or specifications of an Access 2007 database -- not the data content -- as text? I have fallen foul of the "Enter Parameter Value" bug whereby a query pop-up shows an ...
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1 answer

Changing data source on Access front end

I feel bad asking this, as I am only using an Access front end temporarily, but I have been asked to migrate an access 2007 db to mysql with a php front end. I have moved the data to mysql and am ...
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Named a table “order” in Microsoft Office Access database and the webapp now can't see the table (even after renaming it)

I am creating a web application in Dreamweaver using ASP VBScript. The web application is a store and I have to implement a database into it (which I did). I created a table in my database called ...
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How to convert sql server table data into MS Access(.mdb) file

I have SQL Database table with 6664055 rows, I want to convert this SQL Server table data to MS Access format(.MDB), How Can I do this?
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2 answers

Rearranging Data in an MS Access 2007 table into a new table format/Result Output

I have Access tables that have the following format: -------------------------------------- |Name |Math|Science|Reading|Civics| -------------------------------------- |Mike | A | C | A | B ...
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Primary Key Question

Building a database on Access 2007 and having trouble selecting the primary key. The tables consists of a student table and another table where the students are checked in. I would have liked to make ...
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