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multi-condition left join conditions in MS access

Is there another way to write the following poorly performing in Access (Jet) SQL? SELECT * FROM Det left join (select * from Inv inner join Dep on Inv.SN=Dep.SN) as mass ON (Det.RecSN = ...
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how to stop ms access 2016 from connecting back to microsoft?

I have a small program which compacts access database using DAO COM api. The program works, except around 50% of the time hangs on exit for about 15 seconds. So I have decided to investigate and try ...
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MS Access 2016 M:N relationships return multiple columns instead of multiple rows from a JOIN

Let's assume a data model like this: Books could have multiple authors as well as authors could have written multiple books. If a book and its authors are selected by the following statement (this ...
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How do I get MS Access 2016 to work with SQL Server 2016 where DATETIME columns are involved?

I'm working in an environment that has a lot of apps that are a MS Access 2016 front-end with a SQL Server 2016 back-end. Symptoms: When viewing data from a table where a DATETIME column is part of ...
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Create a column in a table based on the rest of the row and other table

I have two tables, and I'd like to select a range of positions from one table for each row in the other table. I've tried to relate the tables in order to get new information but it seems like there ...
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Data Type mismatch error when using function in SQL Statement

I have a function which gives Levenshtein Distance used for fuzzy search of a field. Option Compare Database ' Levenshtein3 tweaked for UTLIMATE speed and CORRECT results ' Solution based on Longs ' ...
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How do I link two Access Tables so if one Table gets updated both will?

I have an access database with a table that is linked to an excel sheet. I also have a duplicate table with the same data linked to a postgres database. My goal is to either link these two tables in ...
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How can you effectively visualise a complex relational database?

I have an Access database which contains all the data from an open-source Japanese dictionary, JMdict. The database contains 24 linked tables, so reading it is complicated. The reason for this is that ...
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Table with two customer IDs that I want to relate to the entity

Let's say I have a transaction where Party1 and Party2 are associated, eg by a transaction - let's say Party1 sells something to Party2. I have a list of transaction IDs, eg transaction1 is Party1 ...
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